Congress wants names who had stashed black money abroad: Here is name!

October 18, 2014 0 By narayan28

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Congress wants names who had stashed black money abroad: Here is name!

Does Congress want more name bigger than this?

Digvijaya to Modi

All India Congress Committee
(AICC) general secretary Digvijaya Singh … to disclose the names of
those who had stashed black money abroad,
he said, … He said he wants an
inquiry into the mining lease granted during his …

Rajiv Gandhi’s
Picture in top most account holders of SWISS BANK in Swiss Bank
Investment Magazine
(See  second photo from the right at the


A PIL seeking to
re-investigate the assassination case of Rajiv Gandhi whose body guards got
training in Russia!


Anna Hazare writes to Modi, threatens stir over black money

Criticising the government for telling the Supreme Court that all information
on black money stashed abroad can’t be disclosed, activist Anna Hazare on
Saturday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and threatened to launch an
agitation if the …

Mamta should be PM, said Guru of
Kejriwal, now mum

Why is Anna Hazare mum TMC’s link with Jidhadis? Why does
everybody want to be ‘Gandhi’ or to follow Gandhi now? There is not much
difference between that Gandhi and present Gandhis of 10 Janpath. Present
corrupt Gandhis represent both Gandhi and Nehru.
Romantic Tharoor can follow Romantic Nehru! We
have no compulsion to follow these. We can’t follow who follows the line of
“Indira is India”. We can salute sweeper who sweeps 365 days. We have no
compulsion to follow celebrities with broom for a while in media.

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