Gandhi vs Jinnah: India secular “because of Hindus”

April 28, 2005 0 By narayan28

A group of Indian Muslim leaders told former Pakistan prime minister Shujat Hussain that India was a secular country “because of Hindus”.
Hindu by nature can follow the law of the land and uphold the constitution of any country. The goal of a true Hindu is not to become religious but to become self-realized. Indian Muslims who think themselves as brothers of Hindus and sons of Bharat Mata, can follow the same line. Hinsuism is the mother of secularism. Ancient Hindu society was based on absolute freedom to search the truth without getting attached to any particular belief system and that is the goal of Dharma. Ancient India realized the purpose of secular thinking long before West discovered secularism. Thus it is very easy to be secular for a Hindu.

I can illustrate this: Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik’s wife Ayesha said whenever there is a cricket between India and Pakistan, I wish and praise for the victory of India. “My father is very pro-India and he always believed that we should marry Indians,” she said. But who knows where falls that piece of moon?

Swamy Jayendra Saraswati participated the rally organized by Muslim leaders at Ram Lila ground of Delhi, to oppose American war against Iraq. General secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Amin Nizamuddin described him as a good human being who symbolised the aspirations of crores of Hindus in the country. General secretary of Emarat-e-Sharia Anisur Rehman Quasmi condemning the seer’s arrest, said the government must not act with any political vendetta.Jayendraji’s blessing is also for RSS, VHP & BJP. He tried to solve Ayodhya problem. UPA, Left and Jaya would not be happy, if court gives relief to Swami Jayendra, 67th seer of the Mutt. Glady Staines whose only job was to convert Hindu tribal of Orissa, got ‘Padmashree and Seers got jail.

There is still a Muslim League in India, which shares power-bed with Congress in the center. Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi has Jinnah as a demented trickster, blundering about and muttering unsourced lines such as, ‘I will have India divided or India destroyed’ “….After partition why there is Muslim League? I want to ask Dandi Marchers, why they does not fulfill the Last wish of Mahatma Gandhi to wind up ‘Congress’? Both are misusing prior independence erra for their selfinterest.

Indians can’t believe on Pakistan and US. History speaks the facts. On Gujarat issue both interfere our internal matters. US dare to teach us ‘Humanity’. Hinduism teaches us to respect and worship every life of nature. Hindutva is liberal, liberating and brooks no ill-will, hatred or violence among different communities. Even Hinduism teach us to respect and worship every life of nature, Ganesh on Rat, Shiv on Nandi, Durga on lion, Kartikey on peacock and so on. Menaka Gandhi devotes her best efforts against the cruelty of animals and birds. Even Hindus worship trees such as Pipal & Amla. Biotechnology is going to be a important subject for study in India. Developed countries could not be succeeded to patent the ‘Neem’.

Abolish Minorityism in the interest of the nation.
The Supreme Court had in its judgment categorically stated that Hindu does not denote any religion and it was a way and view of life encompassing several ways of worship. 99.9 per cent of Muslims and Christians of our country have not come from outside. Their forefathers till a few years ago were Hindus only. It is the same blood, which flowed in them and the rest of the Hindu society. The British had introduced minority-majority schism in order to divide our national society.

American foreign minister Rice said that on behalf of Muslims for the sake of Muslims America attacked on Iraq and Afganistan. Through Modi’s issure US wants to say that on behalf of Hindus and for the sake of them, it revoked Modi’s Visa. PM Dr. Man Mohan Singh showed US that they can’t be misguided and divided by this type of undemocratic and inhumanity act. On Kashmir issue, Ayodhya issue, Gujarat riot issue Pakistan tried to show that it was behind Indian Muslims.
What Indian Muslims think for Indian ness? This is our internal matter. What Musharraf thinks about Pak sponsored terrorism in Kashmir? Why he warned for second Kargil? Against whom it will use F-16? If Shujat Hussain wanted burial to the two-nation theory by urging Indian Muslims to love their motherland then why this demand:
“Islamabad’s permanent representative in the UN Munir Akram told a TV channel on March 31, there should be a permanent berth for Islamic states at the UNSC. If this happened, the Organisation of Islamic Countries should decide which country would represent Ummah (Islamic nations) at the forum, he added. He said Pakistan still believed UN resolutions would provide a just solution to the Kashmir conflict.”

Politics creates Hindu-Muslim divide
Left is doing what they do best: make more noise. Left and Sonia govern the country from back door without accountability against democracy and constitution. Hubbe Ali kam; Bughze Muawiya zyada. They are in the game not because they love Ali (Congress) but because they hate Muawiya (BJP) more. Due to this propaganda old prejudices still persisted. The community still looked at Muslim leaders of the BJP with disdain. A BJP Muslim still remains an oxymoron, that is, one can only be either of the two — either a BJPwallah or a Muslim — never both.
The message of ‘Flag hoisting at Hubli’ is that the unity and integrity of this country shall not be compromised. Ours is one country; one people; one nation, one culture.
* In UK Sonia Gandhi had been used by some Islamist groups, like the Bin Laden family sponsored Oxford Center for Islamic Studies where she has lectured on Hindu fundamentalism.

US crowned UPA and blamed Modi for Gujarat textbooks. Terrorism by giving free hand to HRD Ministry, which is planning to hire nearly 1.20 lakh Urdu teachers. HRD Minister Arjun Sinh is painting education system and text book to communisting & communalizing by abolishing our glorious ancient civilization. He hates saffron. Is he also finishes this color in our national flag? There will be Central assistance for recruting Urdu teachers, If not available then terrorists of madarsas will be imported. Are Sarswati Shishu Mandirs communal?

Sonia is distributing calendars of Gandhis photos to misguide people. People have right to know these Gandhis are Hindu, Muslim, Christian or without religion. Why they call Priyanka Gandhi instead of Priyanka Vadher? Who belongs to Gandhi dynasty, Sonia or Tushar or Varun? Why Gandhi dynasty has right to rule India? People have right to know from whom Pt.Nehru borrowed ‘Gandhi’ surname?:

Patrick French, author of ‘Liberty or Death’, highlighted Gandhi’s allegiance to Hindu Dharma and Jinnah’s ‘secularism’.( “.the founder of the homeland for Muslims remained a secularist of sorts to the end” page 27).

Stop Conversion and push “Back Home (Ghar vapasi)”
US also blamed Modi for enacting Law against conversion, though MP and other states have this law. “If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytizing … In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink …Mahatma Gandhi (November 5, 1935)

Hindus are still tolrent though under current is flowing to know the continuous decrease of Hindus and increase of Christians & Muslims. Why Christian missionaries be threatened by Osama Bin Laden for not conversion of Muslims otherwise their throat would be cut? Why Graham Staines was burnt alive because he was converting poor simple tribals of Orissa? Gladys Staines, widow of the slain Australian missionary Graham Staines, is back in Baripada town of Orissa, after being in Australia for nearly nine months. She returned on the request of Sonia Gandhi though she left India forever. Benny Hinn’s wife is friend of Sonia. So he came Bangalore to organize conversion festival by the help of Indian Non-Hindu Govt. Christian CM of Andhra, Adharm of Karnatak, Oscar Fernadis, Margret Alwa and others climbed on the stage of Benny.

“If a person through fear, compulsion, starvation, or for material gain or consideration goes over to another faith, it is a misnomer to call it conversion Most cases of conversion … have been to my mind false coin … I would therefore unhesitatingly re-admit to the Hindu fold all such repentants without much ado … If a man comes back to the original branch he deserves to be welcomed … in so far as he may deem to have erred, he has sufficiently purged himself of it when he repents his error and retraces his steps.” Mahatma Gandhi (Collected Works: Vol. 66, pp. 163-164)

The RSS has held a series of meetings time to time with a cross-section of Muslims such as in Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur, and more “interactions” are planned. The objective is clear: Muslims, rather than reacting to the RSS’s stand through media and public platforms, should get in touch with the Sangh directly.
The progenitor of the scheme is Mr Muzzafar Hussain, a writer and columnist, who also contributes to the Panchajanya. Mr Hussain begun the first such formal interaction in Delhi last year. In the Mahakaushal region of the state has even laid the foundations for an organisation of “nationalist Muslims” called Apna Hindustan.
Watan Walo Watan Na Bech Dena
Ke Dharti Yeh Gagan Na Bech Dena
Shaheedon Ne Jaan Di Hain Watan Ke Vaaste
Shaheedon Ke Kafan Na Bech Dena
Doston Saathiyon Hum Chale
De Chale Apna Dil Apni Jaan
Taake Jeeta Rahe Apna Hindustan

By Premendra Agrawal

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