Nuke Deal to handcuff future generation

August 16, 2006 0 By narayan28

America is Macca & Ayodhya for few NRIs such as Arunachalam & Tellis, supporters of Nuke deal. PM is in their grip. No use of Telgi’s fake stamps & cheque of assurance of bankrupt leadership.


No doubt that Arunacalam is not mole in Rao’s PMO. But he and Ashley Tellis another NRI were co-speakers at a Carnegie Endowment program last year. Futher both are such noble scientists who are giving their services in their above 60 aged life to America instead of India. America is for them Macca, Ayodhya and Amritsar. They are guiding India for the benefit of their America. I will not giving other names here. Our Mr. Clean is with dirt of such advisers. And PM says believe on him. People should not believe on these American followers. 


Tellis version: The competition between China and India is moderated by these countries’ small arsenals and public commitments to no-first-use policies with both countries routinely maintaining their nuclear capabilities at relatively low levels of readiness. He added “Pakistan is a ‘weak state’ that is highly concerned about Indian threats to its security.”


Shoulld we forget the nuke attachment of Musharraf in Kargil and his   so many continuous threats for nuke war. Our leaders also take advantage of this aguement to cover increase in jehadi attacks and pak sponsored terrorism. Congress knows CPM only barks. Musharraf also knows Indian leaders only bark. U S and Israel did not ask to attack Afganistan and Lebanon on the same cause of terrorism. But we want permission of US to attack terrorist training camps in PoK. We are habitual under Congress leadership to follow foreign hands.


All have to go to leave this world icluding MM and Sonia. Every religion accepts this. But India is immortal. No body should try to blow knife on the back of our country. Gandhi treated Pt. Nehru and Subhash Bose equal because he was a saint. Pt. Nehru was admament to accept divided India to be PM, so we are lucky to celebrate Indepedence day.  Time treated us to accept the reality for peace and to go ahead. May we get peace? Our leaders accepted partition. We are still facing terrorism. Which is great panic between both? “Bujho toa Jane”: find the answer.


Gandhi’s last wish was to abolish the ‘Congress’. Even last wish of hanging accused is heard but last wish of Gandhi was not fulfilled and Congress became the property of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to overlook the martyrism of others. This is the reason Sonia and Mani Shankar Aiyar got authority to raise finger on the patriotism of Veer Savarkar. Subhash Chandra Bose and other freedom fighters became ‘Extreemist (ugravadi)’ in the school books. Sikh Gurus are being insulted in CERT books. New India and new history is being written on the direction of Soniaji. She has thorough knowldeg of Indian culture. Rajiv has written that before marriage Sonia feared to understand India a country of snakes and elephants.  


Nehru (his Ceasefire) gave us PoK and sweet music of ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bahi’. Indira gave us how ‘emergency’ can be utilized to be a dectator. So democratic MM is Sonia and Sonia is India equal to dictator Musharraf. Rajiv followed his predesesors to gift us Super PM. Atalji gave us crossing LoC bus. Now MM and Sonia’s flaging to buses every devil or holy human being can go and come back withourt terror & passport. They will go with their children by “Chhuk Chhuk gadi”. Great leaders give great things. We should gum them on our souls.


MM and Sonia Gandhi want to give any how Indo-US Nuke deal. They are adamant. Who can stop their Aswamegh-horse? Congress allies including Lefts in the situation of snake which caught chhachhundar (specie of Rat). Snake never feeds chhachhundar. Lefts caught the Congress. Neither they can leave (free) congress nor can they digest it. PM assured and will assure again and again. Believe on MM and Sonia. This is democracy. India is safe in Sonia’s hands for a long long period. Navin Chawla is safe in Election Commission to conduct general election of 2009. Kangaroo is safe to keep its head in the sand. What is harm if we become Kangaroos. 


Lefts have objection on nuke deal but they have allergy with BJP. Did ‘Kansh’ like ‘Krishna leela”? To sing in UP Mulayam-Amar needs SIMI and CPM. Present weak Congress is not past powerful Congress. BJP’s past has gone for some time due to top two. Except CPM other limited parties are the property of their families. So, MM is comfortable to sign Indo-US nuke deal.


He is bureaucrat. He has habit to do whatever he likes being a bureaucrat instead of politician. So, why he will give weight arguments of our scientists? He may meet them and also may hear them. Flower is to see its beauty. We should not pluck them. Indo-US Nuke deal is romantic. 


Why ‘resolution related to said nuke deal’ would come in the parliament for discussion and voting? PM in the Rajya Sabha delivers his lecture, well directed by Bush. Hear and discuss but don’t hear inner voice. All have to follow the dictates. MM and Sonia have veto for this. India could not be sixth country with veto power in UN. But in home ground MM-Sonia have veto. Hitler and Mao were also democratic. Natwar Singh wants to see MM’s name in the Greenish book because MM never won even an election of Municipality.  Sonia is supreme because of Gandhi dynasty.


MM will give us Inoo-US Nuke deal to handcuff future generation. No doubts at present stars are favorable to Sonia. So they have no challenge at present. “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should assure the country through his statement in Parliament tomorrow that there will be no changes in the Indo-US nuclear deal at the instance of America,” CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechuri said to mislead people.


American congress is not foolish as the Indian Congress. American Congress passed the Indo-US Nuke on the condition that they have right to change the deal whenever America needed but India is not with such power.  MM and Sonia Gandhi are also not immortal. Are Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and others removing their mistakes from heaven? Will MM-Sonia and others rectify from heaven or hell?


One bankrupt by accident damaged the property of another person. When person claimed then bankrupt offered his cheque to compensate damage. But is that cheque cashable? Are fake stamps of Telgi and his other friendly leaders sellable after the exposure?


KGB, Bofors, Wheat import through AWB ltd., Oil for food and so many scandals;  LeT in army and Air force and now in CRPF deputed in PM’s security; Moles in PMO and so many other secure places and other ghostic discoveries can’t allow people to believe in their assurances. Further they are not immortal. How handcuffed future generation would wash our sins? So scrap Indo-US Nuke Deal immediately. MM and Sonia are adamant because of hidden agenda of money matter in nuke deal.



By Premendra Agrawal


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