Hiroshima to Pak Nuke nexus

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LeT Daud ISI joint Giant in future might use nuclear or radioactive materials or resort to attacking nuclear installations. Is should not a real fear for even present secular Indian government?


With the support of ISI at present LeT threat, becomes more dangerous then the Atom Bomb dropped by America on Hiroshima in World War II. Is it the final touch of Cold War III? Cold War II was fought in the leadership of Clinton with the involvement of Pakistan and Taliban to hammer the unity and crush the economy of USSR and its support base Afghanistan. Hollywood film “The path to 9/11” shows the mistakes done by Clinton from 1993 to 2001.


ATS indicates possibility of LeT involvement in Blasts, 7/11 Mumbai blasts and Malegaon Blasts. All accept that mastermind of the 93 Bom Blasts was Underword don Daud who executed that through the delivery expert Tiger Memon. In news channel still Memon’s neighbors say that they could not believe that such a noble good man and his family were done 93 Bom Blasts.


Will laloo’s next mission Malegaon after Jharkahnd

In news channels maulvis were saying that Muslim could not do Blasts in Malegaon. CPM, The Hindu Daily and supporters of Jihadis are still barking on Bajrangdal. Perhaps they are weak without laloo. Now after doing democratic job of UPA in Jharkhand laloo is free to throw his ‘Danda’ on Bajrangdal. He along with his brother in law Kaliyugi Sadhu gave best fight to Kaliyugi Prabhu. Now ‘sadhu’ and ‘sadhvi’ definition has been changed: ‘balihari hai’ Bihari Sadhu is sadhu and Sonia is Tyagmurti (Sadhvi). 


LeT and Daud joint of ISI favicol

But facts are fact which comes from the government investigation agencies. LeT and Daud joint of ISI favicol is alarming. This Joint giant LeT enjoyed more deadly resources than Al-Qaida. There is report even at the time of NDA Govt that Pakistan-based underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim, has of late been working very closely with LeT.


“Delivery mechanism” of Memon in 93 Bomb blasts

As I have said Memon was with “delivery mechanism” among whom one Abu Salem is now in the prison and wishing to be a ‘Neta’. He will be in the que of Gawali Bablu and tainted ministers in the cabinet of Mr. Manmohan.

lage raho munnabhai was the munna at that time. So I have given the title of my one article “Will terrorist be a PM of India”. Many people are saying foreigner can be worshipped than why not Indian origin terrorist? Our ‘Bhakti Bhav’ is great! 


“Dawood Delivery Mechanism Systme” for LeT

“Dawood Delivery Mechanism Systme” has been successfullty employed by LeT to spread jihad in large parts of the globe especially in North Africa, the Balkans, and Western Europe as UKand the Black Sea ports.


Jamaat-ud-Dawa’s (JuD) armed wing, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT), is, once again, under global scrutiny following the uncovering of the diabolical plot in London.


Policy of Secular Govt to fight Jihadis

After flying from Mumbai with the help of Politicians, Daud had appointed a kind of CEO (Shakeel Lamboo) who not only managed D-Company affairs in India but also oversaw landing of arms, ammunitions and explosives, shipped to the Indian coastline by the ISI. While two Dawood henchmen deported from Dubai in 2003 were freed by the court in the past, a former Dawood lieutenant, Lamboo Shakeel, did not even have to go through this formality. This is the policy by which secular Govt wants to fight jihadis.


LeT wings world wide

There should be no doubt that ISI have succeeded to bring LeT and the D-Company together with the former executing terrorist operations with materials supplied by the latter. This linkage would have larger ramifications worldwide as Dawood’s network in the Middle East and Europe could act as the explosives and munitions supply chain for LeT. We see this in foiled Plot liquid bomb blast at London. After that to please or deceive leaders of ‘war against terror’ LeT head was arrested then release and then now again house arrested.


‘Jiski jooti usi ke sar par’:

Pakistan is running a big plant of terrorism with the currency an other assistance of US UK and other European countries. They are helping to think as ‘Kangagoo’ think to keep its head in the sand.


LeT is more resourceful than Ak-Quaida

It suits the ISI’s strategic interests to make LeT a global outfit like Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaida. The ISI is well aware of the fact that in the post- September 11 scenario, it is just not possible for Al-Qaida to have an entire country at its disposal. Therefore, the Al-Qaida is being forced to function as an umbrella body of scores of cells, each cell a sort of an independent unit. So recent blasts also executed by many independent units not known to each other. LeT can fill this vacuum, obviously with the help from a powerful and cash-rich agency like the ISI and US knowingly or unknowingly flowing its dollars to ISI through Pakistan as it did in the past for Taliban: “kal ka dost aaj kaa sabse bada dushman”


Is Jihad of LeT is the only guarantee for the security of Pakistan?

On February 6, 2004, Daily Times of Pak reported LeT supreme Hafiz Mohammad Saeed as saying that “Atomic weapons, traditional weapons, a strong army and voluntary mujahideen are obligatory for jihad and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa will continue protecting and arranging these resources for jihad against Hindus.” That Daily further reported,” He shared the technology for the supremacy of Islam and he acted on the Allah’s command. He is our hero, will remain our hero, and the Government can’t undermine his honor under American pressure.


Hafiz Mohammad Saeed further said: “Muslims throughout the world have a bond of kalma. From Lahore to Srinagar, Kabul to Baghdad, Basra to Chechnya, they are fighting under this kalma, but the infidel world doesn’t like it and describes it as terrorism. He said only jihad could guarantee the security of Pakistan and the whole Islamic world,”

A Q Khan Nuke Scientist with LeT
Pakistani columnist, Khaled Ahmed has referred to Khan’s presence in massive rallies and annual congregations organized by LeT at Muridke. AQ Khan attended these meetings not alone but along with his other colleagues in the nuclear establishment, including Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood, former director of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the man who enriched uranium at Khushab (Washington Times, December 30, 2003) and Abdul Majid, a close associate of AQ Khan.

Technology of Nuclear or radiation weapons reached to Osama bin laden

US troops discovered documents relating to the construction of nuclear weapons which indicated that Majid and Bashiruddin had met, Osama bin Laden. Washington Post (March 3, 2002) reported that the then CIA chief George Tenet had rushed to Pakistan to investigate the matter. The US fear was that Osama bin Laden might have procured the technology and materials to build nuclear or radiation weapons. Bashiruddin, who spent 20 years of his career at Kahuta enriching uranium, was an ideal source for such knowledge transfer.

Chemical weapons in a LeT camp

A French-born terrorist named Willie Brigitte arrested in Australia, three years ago, admitted being a member of LeT and disclosed that his targets were the electrical grid, Lucas Heights nuclear research centre outside Sydney and other military facilities and natural-gas pipelines. Investigations revealed that Brigitte and his associate, Faheem Lodhi, were funded and controlled by a LeT commander by the name Sheikh Sajid. Brigittee disclosed to the investigators was that he had seen a Chechen terrorist Abu Salah experimenting with chemical weapons in a LeT camp.


Planning to detonate a radioactive bomb in US

LeT has connection with Joe Padilla alias Abdullah Al Muhajir and he was planning to detonate a radioactive bomb in US on the orders of Al Qaeda. Padilla had trained how to wire explosive devices and researching radiological dispersion devices at LeT safe houses in Pakistan. His handler was Abu Zubaida, a key Al Qaeda operative. Zubaida was arrested in 2002 from a LeT safe house in Faisalabad, Pakistan


Do Secular leaders still treat terrorists their brothers?

LeT in future might use nuclear or radioactive materials or resort to attacking nuclear installations. Is should not a real fear for even present secular Indian government?

Clinton did not give order to his army to arrest Osama Bin Laden in Afganistan. Though laden was in the grip of US army. Now Jethmalani said that Daud was ready  to surrender if not being tortured but Shard Pawar then CM of Maharashtra refused. There is long black list of wounds which were given by Congress to India.


By Premendra Agrawal

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