Gandhigiri to fight Dengue Afzals

October 6, 2006 0 By narayan28

What is the Gandhigiri plan to deal with Dengue – terrorstists wanting our heads and our death? If a dangue try to bite you then will you smush it or teach it a lesson of Gandhigiri non-voilence?


Gandhiji and the three wise monkeys are symbols for ”Speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil” are harbinger of peace in the world. Modern followers of Gandhi make him a play boy toys as a joke.

One monkey sees no evil? Musharraf showed Kashmir as a part of Pakistan in the map to publish in his book: In the Line of Fire. These books are being sold in India without restriction. Even our government doesn’t protest this. Acourding to our law nobody can publish or sell such map which contains false bountdaries of India. This foreign hand government is blind, deaf and dumb.

Other monkey hears no evil: When we say there should be protest by Govt against the anaming of redlight area afterm Mahatma Gandhi then they will not hear.

Third Monkey doen’t see Gandhi caps? Gandhi caps in Lucknow present flowers seeking closer of wine shop near the temple. Than 10 Janpath Gandhi has not a single word to assure them.  


Dengu-terrorist not spare PM’s house

Even dengu-terrorists did not spare PM Manmohan’s house and office as we saw LeT man of CRPF was deputed in the security of PMO. Dengue-Terrorism is not new for us. We know their bleeding places. Perhaps we Indians particularly secular leaders memory is very short. So they would be forget 93’ Bom blasts, killing of innocent peaceful leaving Kashmiri patndits, Parliament attack by Afzal and others and 7/11 blasts. We free many of them due to highjacking or other reasons or they flied out of India as Daud and Memon or followed banned SIMI leaders to be party workers/leaders in secular parties such as CPI (M), Samajwadi and Congress. Many terrorists or their supporters take bredth in Muslim Leagu and other like organizations.


Is pardon to dengue-Afzals mean Jain’s ‘Santhara’?

Pakistan sponsored ISI guided terrorists with the help of local supports cause attacks on civilians in bombings. They must be eliminated completely from our motherland. Are they liable for mercy? Next we must go after the Dengue- Terorism Breeding Scum Pond that sponsors and supports them. Completely and eliminate them too?


We think that besides followers of Hindu religion there are also Hindu Jains, Hindu Baudhist, pseudo- secularists, atheists such as comrades, victims of terrorism. I am keen in knowing if terrorists Afzals attacked them then what they do? What their preachers to say them? Will Jain munis advice be for taking ‘Santhara’ to die on will? Our Government bows its knees before terrorism and now wants to fight it by Gandhigiri in the partnership of Musharraf. What Gandhigiri said to Gandhi of 10 Janpath? If they want to give pardon and if they want to fight terrorism by non-voilence then there should be experimet to allow terrorist attacks in the houses of these leaders. Remove security forces from their houses. Why PM of India, CM of Kasmir and 10 Janpath in security cover? “Your life is life and others are to die on terror attack!” “Aisa to nahin chalega my dear secular gandhigiriyo”


Afzal’son Vs Refugee Kashmiri Pandits’ sons

Afzal Guru’s seven-year-old son Ghalib accompanied Guru’s wife Tabassum to Rashtrapati Bhawan, requesting clemency for him, told the President that his dream was to become a doctor and for that he needed his father around. Ghalib should allow meeting with the kids of those Kashmiri Pandits who are lying on the streets for that they needed their fathers around. Seekers of pardon for Afzal should bring back their fatheres who are killed without reason by many Afzals.


Afzal did crime to attack parliament and to kill security forces. But what is the fault of those killed Kashmiri Pandits? Justice should be for all equally. Is there should be quota or reservation system? Who punish vote bank politicians?


I recall an incident. There were two businessmen. Both suffered heavy loss. But, one hided his movable and immovable property without repaying declared himself bankrupt. Creditors gave him credit further to think that he is able as lalu. So he can earn again having capacity to return the borrowed money also. Terrorists, Infiltrators, Insurgents and Naxalites have capacity to earn votes for pseudo-secular leaders. So prisoned SIMI leaders are free for coming election and Afzal would be pardoned so terrorists’ sympathizers can canvass for secular leader. Opposite to this the people who pay his creditors by his all movable and immovable propery could not get further credit from the creditors. Because they think that he is empty now. Victims of terrorism mainly Hindus have neither bargaining power nor will of earning. So they are useless for sedularists.


Blood is blood of whom se ever

“I cannot fulfil my dream if you hang my father,” he reportedly told APJ Abdul Kalam in the 20-minute-long meeting.  The family of CRPF jawan Kamlesh Kumari, who was martyred in the attack on Parliament in 2001, has warned to return the Ashok Chakra awarded to Kamlesh posthumously if President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam accepts the mercy appeal of Mohammed Afzal Guru, the Parliament attack convict. Kalam and Secular Cabinet should hear the kids of terrorists and the kids of the victims of terrorism. Blood is blood of whom se ever. Don’t think:”Your blood is blood and others blood is water.


Dengue – Terrorists

Dengue terrorists menace has made the life of the people of India of the whole world miserable. Just after sunset-election period or progress is made by India swarms of dengu from nearby Pakistan derelict tanks, Secularists’ ponds, caste based reservation water bodies and religious head counting dirty drains invade the houses with full fury disturbing the study of students, sleep of the inmates and affect household activities.

The countless dengu-terrorists start coming to the religious crowded places, trains, residences, hospitals clinics, hotels, business establishment, mills and factories. Every day and night people adopt various means to get rid of mosquito, in vain


The poor people, who can’t get security, cannot afford to purchase mosquito-nets, and coils pass sleepless nights. The dengu terrorists are not sparing the Muslims as we see in J & K and saw in Malegaon blastings.


Why not fatwa against terrorists’ sin?

India was fighting terrorism since two decades. Europe saw terrorism after 9/11 attack on World Trade Centre but still Europe US and UK see terrorism in partial way as here in India Sedcularists see secularism in partial way. Former PM Atal said that terrorism has no boundry. All Indians especially Minority and seculars who are evoking them should think that terrorism is unable to see who is Muslim and who is Hindu. In blasts every community people suffered. On Roza days, terrorists attacked CRPF and innocent people to hide in the hotel of Shrinagar. There are fatwas of every events even maulvis could not spare skirts of actress and tennis player Sania Mirza.


By Premendra

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