Nuclear Cult Mass Suicides

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On the pressure of US for the benefit of nuclear reactor supplying multinational companies India is ready to exempt American nuclear suppliers of any liability in case of a nuclear accident in reactors they are planning to sell to India.


Nuke attack of U S on Hiroshima is lesser crime than Pushing towards ‘Nuclear-cult-Suicides’ through legislation on Civil Nuclear Liability and Amendment to the Atomic Energy Act 1962 by UPA Government.


It means we are being pushed towards Nuclear Cult mass suicides in the tune of Heaven’s Gate, Order of the Solar Temple, Peoples Temple – Jones Town, Ten Commandments of God, Scientology, Suicide bombing & World Church of the Creator.


‘Indo US Civilian Nuke Deal’ is not bad idea but terms on that are not in the interest of the people. Above facts proves this.

The above facts show that Indo US Civilian Nuke Deal is to handcuff future generation. Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi were adamant on the Nuke deal because of hidden deal of money matter in nuke deal.


Legal bribery and the U S Govt’s pressure are the two factors behind this facilitation.


The proposed bill on nuclear civil liability — very high on the US priority list with India — to cover accidents in nuclear reinstallations will limit monetary accountability of the foreign supplier of nuclear up to 45 crores (450 millions) dollars only while damages in excess will be borne by the operator of the plant in India and Indian Government. .

The limited liability clause could bring cheer to multinationals those are looking at billions of dollars worth of business in India. Fixing the liability on operators is important to Nuclear reactor supplying US firms who are looking to supply nuclear reactors at Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat as otherwise they cannot avail of insurance. The government had deflected US pressure earlier this year on the plea that polls are round the corner. Now while a draft bill is ready, it seems it will be brought to Parliament in the winter session.

Reminding Indira’s Emergency

Government now accepted that the legislation on Civil Nuclear Liability and Amendment to the Atomic Energy Act 1962 were in the ‘draft stage’. Victims of Bhopal Gas disaster have liberty to approach courts up to Supreme Court for compensation. UPA government is doing amendment on the bills for debarring victims from approaching the court.

The bill debars civil courts from entertaining any suit or proceedings in respect of any matter which the claims commissioner is empowered to adjudicate. It says, “No injunction shall be granted by any court or other authority in respect of any action taken in pursuance of this Act.”


Consequences from a nuclear reactor accident

There is large spectrum of possible consequences from a nuclear reactor accident. The most serious accident is one in which there is a large external release of radio nuclides as was in the case at ChernobyI.

 Less harmful but still serious, are accidents in which there is damage to the reactor core , but with no appreciable release of radio nuclides to the outside environment as at Three Mile Island. The spectrum can be extended downward to include everything from near misses to harmless break downs that have no actual or likely adverse consequences.

Potential major nuclear reactor accident can be divided into two main major categories, each illustrate by one of the two past major accidents in power reactors, the ChernobyI and Three Mile Island


Critically incidents: These are accidents in which the chain reactions build up in an uncontrolled manner, with in al least part of the fuel. The 1986 ChernobyI accident was a critically accident. 


Loss of Coolant accident: When the chain reaction is stopped


Aftermath of nuclear reactor accidents:

Nuclear accidents pose particular problems because of the persistent effects of radioactivity. Although the activity and energy release fall rapidly with time, a serious accident can occur if the heat is not removed by the collling system. Three Mile Island is the example of it.

With nuclear accidents, serious consequences may persist for a long period of time, in particular, cancers caused by both the initial exposure and continuing exposures due to radio nuclides deposited on the ground.


The first U.S. nuclear meltdown Chatsworth on July 14, 1959

Details of the incident were not disclosed until 1979, when a group of UCLA students discovered documents and photographs that referred to a problem at the site involving a “melted blob.”
Radioactive emissions from the accident could have resulted in 260 to 1,800 cases of cancer within 62 miles of the site over a “period of many decades,” according to a study released in 2006.
Half a century after the accident, nuclear cleanup operations and chemical decontamination remain incomplete


Bhopal disaster or Bhopal gas tragedy of 3 December 1984

The Bhopal disaster is frequently cited as the world’s worst industrial disaster. What would be if this happened again due to the nuclear reactor accident?


Analysis by Premendra Agrawal


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