White House: Can Italy born be a President?

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Obama born in US: White House tells ‘birthers’ as per breaking news of July 28, 2009.


Clarification came from White House as Republican Senator James Inhofe was quoted in Politico as saying the ‘birthers’ ‘have a point.’

‘The point that they make is the Constitutional mandate that the US President be a natural born citizen, and the White House has not done a very good job of dispelling the concerns of these citizens,’ he said in a statement later clarifying his remarks.


‘Birthers’ have questioned President Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold America’s top office with their persistent claim that he was not born in the US.

It means Italian or Kenyan origins can’t be President of U S.



Can Rahul Gandhi be a Prime Minister of India? Question from beginning to the end of this article is this only.



Peru and India vs U S


The above facts show that who so ever born out of U S, means Italy or Kenya or elsewhere can’t be a President of U. S. Most countries follow this rule. Peru and India are exceptions. Japanee origin Fujimori Peru President looted Peru then flied Japan. Later he reached Chile. On Peru’s request he was arrested. From prison he married his girl friend.


Fortunately Italian origin Sonia Gandhi could not be Prime Minister. 



The Nehru-Gandhis have become expert in passing power on to the next generation.


Sonia Gandhi grooms Rahul Gandhi for future P M.




Without doing B.A., Rahul passed M.Phil.


His mother Sonia Gandhi obtained certificate without taking admission in Cambridge.



The above said fact also confirmed by Express news service published on April 7, 2009

On article titled: ‘Truth about Rahul’s MPhil’




After that The New Indian Express received a legal notice from lawyers representing Mr Rahul Gandhi objecting to a column with ref. to the abov said news of April 7, 2009,  in the ‘Express’ titled ‘Rahul Gandhi – Spin Doctor’ dated April 11, 2009, and demanding an apology.


Then The New Indian Express confirms that they have enough documentary proof to support what they have written about Mr Gandhi’s qualification, and we stand by their report.



Why silence thereafter up till now by Rahul Gandhi?


Where and when he was born?


Are they not Italian citizens by birth?


Who was the politician caught red handed with huge foreign currency in Boston by FBI of America?

Is there any difference between conman Jadejas and the conman politicians?  



People have right to demand all these if he, his mother and Congress want to see him as future prime ministerial candidate. Questions may be asked Right To Information  Act.



Congress led government has made useless RTI Act of 2005 regarding conspiracies and falsely information of Nehru-Gandhis especially about themselves.


There should be publication of white paper on all frauds or not frauds mentioned in this article.

How Rahul Gandhi is Indian Citizen?





Analysis by Premendra Agrawal



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