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Article titled: ‘Truth about Rahul’s MPhil’

At: Express news service published on April 7, 2009




After that The New Indian Express received a legal notice from lawyers representing Mr Rahul Gandhi objecting to a column with ref. to the abov said news of April 7, 2009,  in the ‘Express’ titled ‘Rahul Gandhi – Spin Doctor’ dated April 11, 2009, and demanding an apology.


Then The New Indian Express confirms that they have enough documentary proof to support what they have written about Mr Gandhi’s qualification, and we stand by their report. 




Above sited falsehood of qualification of Rahul Gandhi may be find in the following articles of Predmendra Agrawal:


Educational Fraud


Ajit Jogi’s son, Amit Jogi was born in America. He has a British passport. Only in April 2001 he applied for Indian citizenship. But Amit was given a certificate by the administration before this date. Ajit Jogi’s son being a citizen of America, appeared in the exam of UPSC. Without doing B.A., Rahul passed M.Phil. His mother Sonia without taking admission in Cambridge, passed an exam from Cambridge. How sweet these frauds are!



Students can learn from Rahul Gandhi how can be any one M.Phil without doing B.A. He learnt all this from his parents. We can learn from him how we can obtain Rs crores of orders from the Mahrashra Congress government without the companies office and skeeping staff.



This is not the first case. The reason is that he got citizenship in fraudulent way. So most probably M K Subba’s original name is said to be Maniraj Limboo a citizen of Nepal . Ajit Jogi’s son being a citizen of America appeared in the exam of UPSC. Without doing B.A., Rahul passed M.Phil. His mother Sonia without taking admission in Cambridge , Soniaji got certificate from Cambridge



Falsehood of Gandhis  

Late Indian Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi falsely claimed that he was qualified Mechanical Engineer from the Cambridge University UK . Sonia Gandhi made false claim that she obtained certificate in English language from Cambridge University. Though she obtained this from a coaching Institute situated in the premises of the University. Rahul also claimed to follow his parenst that he obtained M.Phil without doing B.A. Secular media instead of protest spreads falsehood on behalf of Gandhis to fool people. Courts should take sue motto legal action on such false claims.

Repetition of above at:  http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/108122007.htm


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