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In Vedic astrology, gemstones have important role. It is believed that by wearing these prescribed gemstones we can overcome the obstacles. The cause of sorrowful period, lack of success can be astrological. Wearing a certain gemstone may turn the sorrow in happiness and turn failure life in the success.

Gems affect the subtle energy field, which emanates from every living thing, where our energetic and emotional habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and so on reside. The energy pattern of a gem directly affects one’s emotional and mental energies, and over a period of time this promotes long-lasting changes.

The present days are not different.


A crystal ball is a crystal or glass ball believed by some people to aid power to see into the future means crystal ball is a mean to predict future happenings. 

I recall three lines of a poem:

Oh, crystal ball, crystal ball
Save us all, tell me life is beautiful
Mirror, mirror on the wall


We are future oriented.  The leaders want to explore the future possibilities. This is the reason many Indian top politicians have come in the grip of Chandra Swamy and like others.

Dev Gowda is still dreaming to be PM as predicted by his astrologer.

Eclipse has religious and astrological importance 

Astrology, especially Mundane astrology (branch of astrology used to predict world affairs and world events, as opposed to individual’s events), uses eclipse as one of the most important tools for predictions.
Hindu temples remained closed and there would be fasting during Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) in India.

The best leaders are having been those who are the best observers of the human conditions. They just pay more attention than others around them.

When we stop, look and listen we are always amazed at all the possibilities.


Explore future possibilities

The leaders’ job is to think about the next project, further and further.

“Before a good wagon master rolled the wagon, he sent out the scouts to see what was over the horizon,” Joes said. 

What is next?

What is better?


The Fix’s Crystal Ball Predictions

Washington post: Starting way back in 1982, the Post’s Outlook Section has asked a group of political professionals and personalities to make their predictions about the outcome of the election.

Crystal-ball gazing aside: “Cities that support bio and cultural diversity, urban and biological ecology, provide sustainable public transport, as well as maintaining their cultural heritage — these are the cities that will be successful in the future,” says Kristina Dryza, a designer, strategist and writer who spent most of last year in Tokyo. Dryza’s own list of cities to watch includes Singapore, Mexico City, Istanbul, Pune (India) and San Francisco.

“In 2050, Tokyo will be more integrated to the greater Asia Pacific region and highly robotized,” she says.

The emergence of China and India and their economic capitals, Shanghai and Mumbai, is an obvious challenge to Tokyo’s role in the region. But their dominance is not inevitable, and Tokyo has a card that they’re unlikely to be able to trump: livability



At present in America Magic shops are fruitful and prosperous. Charlatans, as always, were in abundance.


Example of American Jane Dixon (nee Pinkert)

At least twice, Jane advised President Roosevelt. During their first meeting, in November 1944, Roosevelt, chained to a wheelchair, said: «Tell me straight, how much time remains for me to finish started?» Jane escape was not able to answer: «Six months, Mr. President, as may even less ».

Later, Dixon remembered the meeting: «Then the president asked an unexpected question: how to develop relations with America, Russia in the future, after the war? I replied that in the end they will become allies in the face of threats from red China. «Red China? – Peresprosil president. – But China is not red! We have no problems with it ». I looked into my crystal ball and say that I see absolutely certain: China will become a communist ». Five months after this meeting, 12 April 1945, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as predicted, and Dixon, passed away.

In addition to private interviews with the authorities, Jane Dickson sometimes issued their predictions for the entire country. Thus, May 14, 53 years old during the live television broadcast a talk show NBC she vglyadevshis in his crystal ball in front of millions of the audience said that the Soviet premier Malenkova in about two years, will succeed «people with oval face, green eyes and a small Barodka. Barbate will edit shortly. It replaces a low bald tolstyachok. And earlier in the space rises silver ball over and around the Earth, like blue, sits at the head of Russian leader ». Neither former U.S. Ambassador to the USSR Davis, participated in the transfer, nor the Soviet Ambassador Zarubin, who met with the sibyl on the following day, the prophecies did not believe.

    But after two years, the predictions have started to come true. In 1955, the Chairman of the USSR, was appointed «barbate» – Nikolai Bulganin, and in 1958-m «bald tolstyachok» – Nikita Khrushchev. And in a few years prior to 1964, Dixon has made yet another unexpected prediction: Khrushchev in the coming year will be removed from power. So do not expect even the future conspirators.

Here I am not suggesting ‘to believe or not believe’ on the prediction based on the crystal balls. I place the facts only.


Analysis by Premendra Agrawal

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