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Breaking of memory hole

Hear here sound of silence

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           Silent assassins: Jan 11, 1966

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The premiership of Lal Bahadur Shastri extended from 9 June 1964 to 11 January 1966. Here in brief I describe the situation in the brief period of Shastri’s tenure.


It was the best of times: Defeat of Pakistan in 1965 War which was initiated Pakistan itself.

It was the worst of time:

1000 km undisputed land ofKutch was given to Pakistan due to the mediation of Harold Wilson


It was the age of wisdom:

Shastri authorized the Indian army to take Lahore, if it could, and to achieve this aim, he authorized the Indian military forces to cross the international boundary, between India and Pakistan, and not to restrict military operations to the line of actual control in Jammu and Kashmir.

It was the age of foolishness:

Less known perhaps more significant for our study in that Moscow intervened diplomatically against Shastri to make Pakistan by its Tashkent mediation diplomacy. Accepting the mediation was the age of foolishness.


It was the epoch of belief: 

India and the Soviet Union (USSR) enjoyed a strong strategic, military, economic and diplomatic relationship before the Tashkent Summit.

It was the epoch of incredulity:

There was ‘Chakravyuh in Tashkent’. Tashkent Summit was to deceive India.


It was the season of light:

Hoisting of tricolor flag on the land of Lahore by Indian Army was the season of light.

It was the season of darkness:

Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri due to heart attack by poisoning was the season of darkness.


It was the spring of hope: The Tashkent Declaration gave a hope that both countries would have lived in peace for bettering the life of their citizens.

It was the winter of despair: Giving back Haji Pir to Pakistan in Tashkent declaration


We had everything before us:

In the exchange of giving back Haji Pir we could take back so called PoK from Pakistan for giving forever peace to Kashmir people

We had nothing before us:

After signing the declaration and after the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri we had nothing before us. 





Soviet authority of that time and Indian Government since Jan 1966 adopted the policy of George Owell’s novel 1974 which was written in 1949. Memory hall is used for throwing the unwanted records and Wintson of ‘Ministry of Truth’ duty is to rewrite the newspaper and records as suited to them. This book “ Silent Assessins: Jan 11, 1966” is a sincere effort to break that memory hall and to contradict the  not believable writings of the Wintson of the Ministry of Truth .


B Raman is right to say that we are a nation with no memory. My this book is another effort to helped the people for getting their memory back regarding Shastri’s death due to heart attack by poison. 


Silent assassin generally is applied to an assassin who kills methodically, quickly, and leaves no trace of their presence before or after the job. Russian cooks including Indian cook and Russian ladies whose presence was in the dacha of Shastri were Silent assassins beside others. They had assassinated Shastri by giving poison. They are called here “Silent assassins” as no-one had seen them during mixing the poison in the food. They did poisoning incident calm and quiet. It’s quite scary really. If Ramnath and personal assistants of Shastri felt any doubt on them they could not give such food or milk to Shastri. It was difficult; there had been no clues. It is clear that Russian cooks with Indian cook Jan Mohammed and two Russian ladies were working as a team in the poison mixing process in the dacha of Shastri. The same may be said about the contract killers who assigned them. They are also silent assassins. 



Technique of War and killing individual are the changing process time to time. Now swords, arrows etc are not used as was used in Mahabharat.  

Dueling was a common way to kill someone in the 1800s. U S President Andrew Jackson, Duel with Charles Dickinson 1806. Jackson shot dead to Dickinson. In that duel Dickinson’s bullet had lodged too close to Jackson’s heart to be removed safely. Jackson would carry it to his grave June 8, 1845. Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States (1829–1837). 


The way of Killing or not killing Shastri would be decided by the killers or by those who assigned them, not else. Kennedy was killed by shooting. Various leaders are killed in different ways: Mahatma Gandhi by bullet, Indira Gandhi by knife stabbing and Rajiv Gandhi was killed in the explosion.


If we go from Gandhi to Gandhi then we find the facts about the  assassination of three Gandhis. But the facts of the assassinations of others were hidden or thrown in the memory hole. Still the death causes of Netaji, Shstriji, Mukherji and Deen Dayal Upadhyay have been shrouded in mystery for more than four decades with several conspiracy theories doing the rounds. Shastri became Prime Minister due to Congress Party of that time. So, primary duty of Congress government is to make clear the suspense on the death of Shastriji. Killing of Anuj Dhar’s RTI has also achieved mystic significance. 


I know writing this type of book will not be digestable for those who think as the rulers of USSR Stalin and othere were thinking. That was not the suitable time for going to Tashkent. This is not the right time for placing truth in this book which the government don’t want. If they did not hear the complaint of the widow of the former Prime Minister of their party, then why will they look towards this book? Still being a citizen of free India I am fearless to write this book. They killed Anuj Dhar’s RTI. For them RTI means Right to forgotten which they don’t want to remind the people? They are blocking the websites. They seek for omitting every material on twitter, face book, google which they don’t want. 

“What We Know Now that We Didn’t Know Then”-by James H. Fetzer


Yes what you know now in this book that you did n’t know since Jan 11, 1966. Although you would not know from reading it in your daily newspaper, watching it on the evening news, or hearing it from the government, during the past more than four decade. If we turn the leaves of the history from Gandhi to Gandhi then we find that death of Lal Bahadur Shastri due to heart attack by poisoning, is the bggest crime since the indpencence of India because this crime was done by silent assessins on the foreign land. The same happened with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in foreign hand . 


Was the arrested cooks, simply “lone nuts” who managed to carry out the poisoning?


For most Indians, it’s a kind of a parlor game. Many friends say to me, ‘Well, what’s your theory on who did it?’ And they look so disappointed when I say, ‘Death due to heart attack or poisoning to Shastri by suspected cook all by himself.’


In this era when conspiracy theories abound but, “The greatest and grandest of all conspiracy theories is the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri”  But the truth is available to anyone who cares to study up on it.


Why did Dr. Chugh with his family and Ramnath personal cook of Shastri face mysterious deaths? Why is the arrest of cooks in Tashkent on death night not in Govt record? Where is Jan Mohammed  personal cook of left leaning Indian ambassador T N Kaul and where is his service record? Why did he alone or with the help of Russian cooks prepare food for Shastri instead of his presonal cook Ramnath? Arrested cooks or Russian ladies present in the dacha of Shastri had no enmity with Shastri. Who assinged them? What was the role of comminist parties of India and kitchen members of Indira Gandhi at that time? Did Congress and Communist Parties play a sinister role in the sordid affair? Did China keep quite at the time of War 1965 and Taskent Summit? 


Was the CIA/KGB/ISI individually or their nexus or Russia’s beloved Guljarilal Nanda or Gandhi or their kitchen members directly or indirectly behind the mysterious death of Shastri? What says ‘The Mitrokhin Archive II’? What tells Nehru’s successor race and there after Shastri’s successor race since 3.30 A.M. of Jan 11, 1966 when Nanda took oath as the Acting Prime Minister of India, just before half hour of the arrest of cooks by KGB? The Kutch adventure and mediation of KGB sponsored Herald Wilson encouraged Pakistan to initiate War 1965. At that time going  to soviet means “See USSR…And Die”. 


After reading this book surely you would reach nearer to the conclusion. 


I salute to write this book in the memory of Lal Bahadur Shastriji, who inspires us to dedicate ourselves to the greater glory of our Motherland. It is right to say: Shastri did not leave behind no home, no land, and no money. But he left a moral and inspiring example. In this age, struck by political corruption, his career as a model of integrity is of particular interests to readers.


Tashkent accord was unlucky for India and Soviet Union. Immediate after signing the accord Lal Bahadur Shastri was poisoned. Three and half months after the accord April 26, 1966, Tashkent was destroyed by a huge earthquake.


Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar (Param Pujaniya Guruji) Sarsanghchalak of  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh requested Shastri for not going to Tashkent. But due to some leaders who had vested interest might be under a conspiracy Shastri decided to accept the invitation of Kosygin. Why was the summit held in war period at Tashkent capital of the Uzbekistan Republic of USSR which was Islamic as Pakistan? Why the delegations residence kept 12 Km away from the dacha of their leaders? Why did the Russian lady first informer of Shastri’s death not used hotline and crossed a long distance 12 km for knocking the doors of the delegation members?


Lal Bahadur’s red flame ashes in the sky high


Body burns, but the soul flies away

Can kill human, not remembrance

Down long Lal slept on the sticks

Brave sons Tear ‘tear’, Tear fear

Tattered burnt body with clothes

As many eyes, waved on high


Body burns, but the soul flies away

Can kill human, not remembrance

Livings danced to see soul flying 

Patriotic song singing towards sky

Red flame ashes’ banner in the sky 

Brave Lal Bahadur’s soul in the sky


Body burns, but the soul flies away

Can kill human, not remembrance

Delhi they brought 2nd PM’s dead

Lalita nor swooned, nor uttered cry

She asked, “Why Lal body Neelkanth

Why cuts on Lal Bahadur’s body ?



Body burns, but the soul flies away

Can kill human, not remembrance

They crush flower perfume spreads

Can break Violin but music spreads

Delhi they brought PM’ blue body

Hinduism preaches much tolerance



Body burns, but the soul flies away

Can kill human, not remembrance

Set her palm, upon her knee-

Precious dust was on her palm

Sweety, Bharatmata’s childen—

We live; I have to live for them.


— Premendra Agrawal


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