Nitish like kingmakers’ scandal is bigger than Coal block

September 19, 2012 0 By narayan28

What you say about today’s statement of Nitish king maker in Bihar and the silence of Jayalalitha king maker in Tamil Nadu? Their scandal to kill the spirit of democracy is more dangerous than the Bofors and Coal block. Who says Congress was ever defeated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or Tamil Nadu?


With the Congress led UPA government reduced to a minority after Mamata Banerjee’s withdrawal, king makers are seizing the opportunity to enumerate the conditions for their support. In British rule there were dynastic kings, not elected by ballots. Now there are dynastic kings in every province but elected by ballots. As pre independence days now also ‘divide and rule’ is going on.


Mulayam Sinh Yadav of Uttar Pradesh was a staunch supporter of left at the time of Somnath Chatterjee. We saw him in Parliament House by the side of Somnath Chatterjee knocking the desk. When Left withdrew support on the issue of Indo US Nuke deal then Mulayam saw his future to give his shoulder to the Congress which was in coma.  Now Nitish and like other king makers want to compete Mulayam. One Shiv Sena opposes FDI then another Sena comes in the support. 


We should not forget that at the time of Poisoning assassination of Lal Bahadur Shastri there was a line of such leaders who want to be PM or want to make PM of their choice. Who were assassins? Find answer in my book: Silent Assassins: Jan 11, 1966


Technically Congress did not win in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu but she won always there and got support of more parliamentarians than the parliamentarians of ruling party there. This is not African black magic; this is the magic of Congress which used this to deceive the people. Dacoits of Chambal surrendered. Congress is still in the house of democracy in day light. 


For example: In Tamil Nadu Congress never won but got support of either DMK or AIDMK. It means Congress won always and got support of more than the ruling party at that time in Tamil Nadu. The same truth is about Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This can’t be said about the provinces ruled by Congress or BJP.


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha on Wednesday declined to comment on the political developments following withdrawal of support by the Trinamool Congress to the UPA government. What is the sound in her silence?



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