Can Vadra occupy Ganhi dynasty?

March 19, 2013 0 By narayan28

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Confused Rahul Gandhi wants to follow the policy of his ailing mother Sonia Gandhi and thus wants to be a king maker instead of becoming king means occupying the Post of Prime Minister. Do ailing Sonia Gandhi and confused Rahul Gandhi, present heads of the Gandhi dynasty want to make Vadra King and Queen slowly and slowly after few years?

Hesitant confused Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of ailing Congress Party even cited the revered father of Indian nationalism, Mahatma Gandhi (no relation), as his inspiration, saying that while the Mahatma wielded great influence, he never sought power.

Ailing Sonia Gandhi has handed over power to confused and hesitant Rahul Gandhi to make him Vice President of India. Hesitant confused Rahul Gandhi’s recent statement shows that he is not in the race of Prime Minister Post most probably in coming 2014 election. For the time being ailing Congress heads are in the search of another Manmohan Singh!

As Rahul Gandhi floundered in the parliament in the past, his younger sister Priyanka watched from the visitors’ gallery of the parliament. She dressed and acted to copy Indira Gandhi’s style. Worshipers of Gandhi dynasty thought she, not Rahul, should have been the one standing before the Parliament.

The oldest political dynasty in India has a new dynast. On February 6, Robert Vadra, 42, chose Rae Bareli, the headquarters of Gandhi Inc, political home of Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, to announce his ambitions. Astride a motorcycle, he declared: “If people want, I can join politics.” The people did not reply; and the Congress party was a bit hesitant about its reaction. Most Congressmen were stunned. Loyalty lines were blurring. Rahul Gandhi, 41, was their chosen leader, and sister Priyanka, 40, a support rather than threat. What would her husband Robert constitute? In public perception, Rae Bareli had been allotted to Priyanka. She was seen as the natural successor to the family seat. Vadra has disrupted all calculations; the unspoken worry is that Vadra has developed prime ministerial ambitions and is now ready to voice them.

In his another interview, Robert Vadra, husband of Priyanka and Son-In-Law of the head of the Gandhi dynasty, reiterated his statement: “I think there is a time and place for everything. The day I feel that I can make a difference for the people and the people would like me representing them… That calling will come at some stage, I feel.”

This was as plain as ambition can get. Suddenly Vadra, who has spent 15 years in the shadows, did not look apologetic about space in the limelight. His two children Raihan, 11, and Miraya, 9, came with him on this first solo foray into Rae Bareli. since 1999, when he started accompanying the family on election campaigns. The man who once drove his brother-in-law Rahul’s car seems to be seeking the driver’s seat.