Mulayam Nitish alike know the tricks to let Congress remaining in power

March 19, 2013 0 By narayan28


What happened when CPM withdrew its outside support to Congress led UPA?

What happened when Mamta Banerjee of Trinmool withdrew her support to Congress led UPA?

Mamta threats to quits, but not DMK, NCP!!

Mamta Withdraws: Winning of SP and BSP gives Congress rule


Is here any need to remind other such incidents of the past? 

Two voices by surgery by politics


Mulayam Yadav Nitish Kumar Nexus
UPA brass warms up to Nitish, makes right noises on special status 


 Netajee Mulayam-Nitish


“Today or tomorrow” Nitish Kumar would be in the lap of Congress:

Nitish is keeping his options open at this stage: Sankarshan Thakur


Nitish’s Credentials As Anti-Cong Leader ‘Impeccable’: BJP who leads NDA


Congress woos Nitish, with eye on poll and Modi


Shaky Congress tries to lure Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar into 

DMK exits UPA, is Nitish-Congress alliance imminent?


Why Is Nitish so confident?

UPA government will survive: Nitish Kumar on DMK pullout


Nitish Kumar rules out mid-term polls


UPA govt won’t fall, says Nitish


Coalition cracks: Is the UPA govt safe after DMK’s pullout?


I tell Congress, listen to Nitish instead of DMK to stay in power

Listen to DMK to stay in power, Nitish tells Congress


Filmy funda: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar seeks Raj Kapoor’s help in 

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Shatrughan Sinha said: “Nitish is my friend and he is like my younger brother. He respects me and I respect him. But today, he has his own party rally, not of Bharatiya Janata Party, but of Janata Dal United and Nitish Kumar is heading the rally. This is a political event. When it comes to his demands of special package and status for Bihar, I feel that the demands are legitimate.”

Is Shatrughan Sinha in the line of Shakti Kapoor or Lalu-Nitish?‘Mr Katju, you’ve dialled wrong number,’ says Nitish Kumar


DMK ministers to quit; govt says no challenge to majority and no threat to stability


DMK to withdraw support to UPA, PM’s dependence on SP, BSP increases


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