Shadow of Gandhi’s betrayal behind Italian betrayal

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Sonia Gandhi’s acted drama of toughness because she knows better that UPA Govt headed by her Congress Party can’t do any thing against the Italy, Italian Marines and Italian Ambassador here.


Italy shows India who’s boss: March 15, 2013 – Italy has enjoyed a privileged position in India since the 1970s, presumably because of the charming ways of the Italian people. Since that period, businesses linked to Italy have prospered because of orders placed by Indian, almost entirely by government agencies. There has been a frenzy in ministries such as Defense or Chemicals & Fertilisers to Buy Italian, so much so that middlemen such as Ottavio Quatrocchi became so powerful that he could reduce Cabinet ministers to tears with a frown.

Ex-Indian Air Force Chief Charged in Bribery Case
 actress monica bellucci on feminism amp doing bold roles



Congress helps Italians flee yet again as it helped Quattrochhi accused in Bofors case.



Sonia Gandhi’s 15-year reign: How she kept the Congress afloat

Lasagna Lafanga

The political hand
Bitter harvest

Guardian of the flame


But didn’t we know all along that Italians were more equal than us?

The Economist once described Sonia Gandhi as “Italy‘s most successful politician”. What a pity there is an explosion of public 


Helo Bribery Case, Shooting Fray India-Italy Ties

Pak, Italy, Lanka…they mock us because we chose to be soft

Machiavellian knot: So, you have decided to spend the holiday season in New Delhi!” was the light-hearted ‘diplomatic’ greeting reserved for the Italian diplomats during last Christmas and New Year’s eve in New Delhi. Inevitably, the usual laughter followed, as they subtly enjoyed their victory in sending the two marines—Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone—home for Christmas. Indeed, the last four months had seen one diplomatic victory after another for the Italians over India, as they finally smuggled the marines—accused of killing two fishermen off the coast of Kollam in Kerala—home for casting their votes during the February 24-25 polls in Italy.



India Violating Diplomatic Immunity: Italy

India reviews Italian envoy’s immunity

European Union warns India over bar on Italian envoy


Sonia hits out at her motherland

May Sonia call Bharat Mata as her Motherland?

 should honor commitment: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi should honor her commitments towards the safety of India and peoples of India.


The mysterious Sonia Gandhi


Sonia Gandhi and the Italian stereotype

109 Indian prisoners in Italian jails, but govt clueless


Who runs Govt: Swamy attacks Sonia – Rahul, Kejriwal others!


Do foreign hand, foreign wisdom and foreign money rule India?


Are we with Italian Neros?


What will happen if both Indian and Italian citizenship holders do crime as Italian marines?


Foreign trips detail of Gandhis is a mystery as the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri


Is deposit in Swiss banks for safekeeping?


Gandhis go to Italy to celebrate Congress victory and Rahul’s birth day



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