Let the cat out of the bag: Failure of PM-Sonia as two power centres

March 27, 2013 0 By narayan28

PM-Sonia model of ‘two power centres’ a failure, Digvijaya Singh says. Digvijay Singh expands it to say that Manmohan Singh is a nominated Prime Minister of Sonia Gandhi.

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has recently remarked that the ‘two power-centres’ model which has been practiced by the Congress since 2004 has not worked well and suggested that the future leader of the party, Rahul Gandhi, should not outsource the job of the prime minister in case the Congress reaches a position to form the government again.

Sonia Gandhi is Super PM to make PM MM and thus Sonia Gandhi rules without accountability: She becomes a a queen just like Caesar in Rome? This does not only discredit democracy it is bloody bizarre! Sonia Gandhi and her son are the clones of Julius Caesar in India by acts. Politics in democracy is also a bloody game of every possibility as now Cricket.

“Learn from Sonia how to renounce power!”

Dilusion of democracy: Rubber Stamp PM Prez

Till now, the Congress has been comfortable with two power centres in its coalition government. What suddenly made Singh realize that dual power centers don’t work?

Digvijay Singh now says “whoever becomes the prime minister should have the authority to function,” It means Manmohan Singh has never authority to function. This MM is neither PM, nor Julius Caesar. This is a democracy, damn it! Manmohan Singh being a nominated Prime Minister of Sonia Gandhi, is a weak Prime Minister.

Manmohan Singh due to his weakness is Prime Minister, not Pranab Mukherjee

Renounce of PM Post, Married life to rule behind the back door and one step further……..

Few years back Sonia Gandhi acted drama of renounce of Prime Minister Post to rule India from the backdoor. Now we see the same drama in Delhi 10 Janpath Darbar. In this self made style of Renouncing Rahul Gandhi takes one more step further to say that he is not only in the race of Prime Minister Post but also he announce to remain bachelor!

Can Vadra occupy Ganhi dynasty?

Rahul Gandhi not for PM’s Post

Did-Does Rahul remain bachelor?

Directly or indirectly, Congress wanted and still wants the rule of Gandhi dynasty over India.
Only Sonia & her children are in Congress posters & advertisements of newspapers. Dr. Singh is PM but nobody can find him in the Congress posters. Narsimha Rao was deprived of the honor due to him and was humiliated even after death. Why did not the Congress make just one more ‘samadhi’ in Delhi for a former Prime Minister? After Nehru, Congress always fought in the name of ‘Gandhi’

Dynastic rule does not permit others to dominate the party archives, and Man Mohan Singh, P.V. Narasimha Rao and Lal Bahadur Shastri will not adorn party posters or hoardings. Dynasty banned posters of PM Dr.Singh?

In India, the GC appears to be the Gandhi Clause: you are automatically eligible to rule if you are associated with the ruling Gandhi clan. It does not matter what your personal achievements are, what your attributes are, what your views are, what your vision is. All that matters is that you are somehow associated with the Nehru-Gandhi clan and automatically you are a born ruler of Indians.

What will happen if both Indian and Italian citizenship holders do crime as Italian marines?