Monday Pappu’a chopper may land on Uttarakhand, Hindu Icon not allowed

June 23, 2013 0 By narayan28

Now Pappu’s chopper from abroad may land tomorrow on Uttarakhand to embrace his great Italian mother. There would be claim tomorrow that due their efforts without coordination of responsible authorities and CM and his cabinet, without taking the cooperation of opposition parties, banning of Hindu Icon Modi to enter Uttarakhand again, Italians have saved more than 50, 000. More than 5000 devotees have been lost their lives.

“If someone can put out such myths, I leave it to the people of the country, how reliable are their utterances and how profound are their achievements,” he said. The Information and Broadcasting Minister was referring to reports which said Modi, on his trip to Uttarakhand, had with the help of a team of his officials managed to evacuate 15,000 people from the deluge-affected areas of the hill state.

PM Manmohan Singh has three loyalists in Punjab. One is Manish TiwariJi and other two are Ex-law minister Ashwani Kumar and Ex-Rail Minister Pawan Bansal. After the resignation of both ministers due to Coa;gate and Railgate, Tiwariji disturbed. Hiding of his boss aroad with his two bodyguard ministers has increased his trouble more.

PM, Sonia to make aerial survey of flood-ravaged Uttarakhand

Provide relief to flood affected areas: Sonia to Uttarakhand, HP CMs

See the attached photo version in which Congress CM Vijay Bahuguna refused to accept the material for the help of flood victims, CM wants only cash? Peoples don’t want to give cash because that may increase corruption and may be hided in Swiss Bank and other foreign banks. Govt should win the belief of people again. Govt has lost the belief of the people to see the series of corruption as the serial killers.


The same is happening with Digvijay Singh. Though in Pagthankot ModiJi in one point endorse the statement of Digvijay SinghJi. Narendra Modi said in the Pathankot Public Meeting” Two bosses run the country, don’t know who is genuine”

The  same  was  said by Dig Vijay Singh few weeks back: “the ‘two power-centres’ model which has been practiced by the Congress since 2004 has not worked well and suggested that the future leader of the party, Rahul Gandhi, should not outsource the job of the prime minister in case the Congress reaches a position to form the government again.”


While the Congress is wracked by a raging debate over the efficacy of its dual power-centre experiment, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari has taken the diarchy debate a step further, saying the grand old party is run by a holy trinity. Giving a mythical dimension to the Congress’ iron-clad power structure, he said the troika of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh is the real face of the party.


“At this time, we must help and evacuate people in the affected areas. This is no time to play politics. This is no time to project oneself,” said Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh.

He added that the Gujarat Chief Minister does not need to visit Uttarakhand to help people there. All VIPs with high security cover should not visit the affected areas and try to help people by other means.

Does it mean only Italians and devotees of 10 Janpath can go Uttarakhand and Hindu Icon Narendra Modi is banned for going there? Are they want to place this undemocratic, unconstitutional restriction on Narendra Modi to please anti-Hindus to play vote bank politics? Are they want to please Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav to do so? Are India and Uttarakhand is the property of Italians and their party? This should be immediately contradicted by the Congress Party and the government.

It is said that along with Rahul Gandhi his two so called youth friends Home State Minister R P N Singh and Defense State Minister Jitendra Singh has also flied to celebrate his birth day. Usually Rahul Gandhi celebrates his birth day in foreign land instead of the land of Hindustan, such as he celebrated his 39th birth day in Italy his birth place.

The Right to Information reply from the Defence Ministry and IAF headquarters shows that United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi and her son Congress scion Rahul Gandhi have enjoyed joyrides in IAF aircraft and helicopters. Both Mother and son are not eligible to travel by IAF aircraft and helicopters not being eligible travel by IAF aircraft and helicopters….read more