TN after Amma as Andhra? Vadra planning tdu io be in Congress as Chandrababu Nain TDP..

December 19, 2016 Off By narayan28

TN after Amma as Andhra? R Vadra planning to be in Congress as Chandrababu Naidu in TDP..

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AditiFadnis:Tamil Nadu after Jayalalithaa (as Andhra was after the death of Rama Rao @AIADNKOfficial

There were or there might be more heirs for wealth and political party property TDP Telgu Desam Party as following:
Among above finally Rama Rao’ss Son-In-Law Chandrababu Naidu succeeded and became and still is the chief of Telgu Desam Party (TDP).
Robert Vadra is son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi who ruled India from the backdoor.
Robert Vadra is also dreaming to capture the Congress Party and trying with his best slowly and slowly for this.
Here it should be noted that If Rahul Gandhi is still bachelor then who will be the heir of Congress Party and Italy born Gandhi dynasty?
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