Family planning services have an important role in reducing maternal and child mortality. The state government is working to promote family planning at the community level, bring awareness to it and increase its acceptance. The state government has now decided to celebrate Happy Family Day on 21st of every month due to its wide publicity. On this occasion, family planning related activities, awareness programs will be organized at all health units from the state to the village. Giving this information, Medical, Health and Family Welfare Minister Jai Pratap Singh said that he himself will be present in the event of happy family day in Siddharth Nagar on November 21, 2020.

The Mission Director has also told that if the Rural Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) is on 21st, ‘Happy Family Day’ will be celebrated in a big way, focusing on the means of family planning. This day will be celebrated every month on 21st and if there is a national holiday on this date, it will be organized on the next working day.