Apple is set to be working with Microsoft to enable support for controllers of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that recently went on sale worldwide. The news was confirmed in a document on Apple’s website that mentions the controllers that iPhones support.

The new controller may not have been as improved as the Dualsense PlayStation 5 controller but it is still an improvement over its predecessor. It may also be true that iOS 14.3 beta version already has the support to connect the new Xbox controllers as there have been reports that it has support for Sony’s Dualsense controller.

Apple may have not marketed the iPhones as devices that are capable of hardcore gaming until recently but even the ones that were launched two-three years ago are capable of running FPS games at ease. However, not everyone is satisfied with the touch controls and these gamers often resort to connect controllers and also mount them to game more effortlessly.