Prime Minister Narendra Modi told BJP’s newly elected MPs that they should work hard and improve their constituencies so that they are not dependent on his name and credentials to win in the 2024 elections.
Penning his experience of the workshop for BJP MPs, East Delhi MP and former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir said the atmosphere was reminiscent of some of the historic team meetings of the Indian cricket team but had deeper consequences in terms of national politics.

“I vividly remember how nervous I was as a first-time participant in Team India’s dressing room before my Test debut against Australia at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The scene of a highly charged Indian dressing room on the eve of the 2011 World Cup Final, which we won, always stokes emotions,” Gambhir wrote.
The Prime Minister kept his approach focused but informal, joining MPs for lunch and even serving chapatis. “Modi- ji had us stumped when he picked the bread basket and started serving chapatis to MPs!” he said.
The Prime Minister spoke on the need to focus on positivity and asked MPs to work towards making India a great nation by tapping into the cultural and human resources. “Now that you have got elected and have more than four and a half years remaining for your constituency, get work done. Do good work for your constituency, so that you do not have to depend on my name and credentials to win elections in 2024,” Gambhir quoted the Prime Minister as having said.
The debutant MP, whose batting was a key contributor to the 2011 win, has recalled his experience of the meeting addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I was eagerly waiting to know the views of the honourable PM on multiple issues and share plans for the betterment of my East Delhi constituency,” he wrote.
Gambhir said the Prime Minister’s decision to walk down from the stage and sit among MPs took everyone by surprise as Modi drove home his message that MPs and ministers must not allow barriers to come up between them and the organisation and people.
“What particularly impressed me was Modi ji’s organisational sense. He stressed on the importance of focussing on the organisational role of every member. Interacting with all MPs, the Prime Minister gave a lesson on how to become a ‘kushal saansad’ by remaining active as ground workers. He termed the party as an `organic entity’ and advised all MPs to remain connected to the people on ground,” Gambhir recalled the PM as having said.