The on-ground implementation of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s vision to develop Gauthans as rural livelihood centers has been wonderful. His vision of promoting organic manure has provided such income opportunities to the SHGs which have excellent returns on nominal investment. In Chandkhuri, women of Shree Sindhuja Self-Help Group had procured one quintal earthworms of Australian species from Raipur last year. Within a year, earthworms increased in such quantity that the production of the first year was 20 quintals. The group earned Rs 2.5 lakh by selling it. With the help of these earthworms, this time also the group has prepared 20 quintal earthworms. The group will also get the same income from their sale. The group’s president Mrs. Savitri Devangan told that we put page, gram flour and lentil powder in the vermi bed in Gauthan, due to which the earthworms increased rapidly and their number in 18 days only. doubled. Work is being done to promote various employment oriented activities in this Gauthan. Due to the abundance of livestock in Gauthan, dung procurement is also good and the employment related activities related to it also expand. Village Secretary Smt. Kamini Chandrakar told that there was no problem in the sale of earthworms, the nearby Gauthans also bought it and the farmers doing organic farming also bought it. Due to high inflow of dung in Chandkhuri, additional vermi beds were needed. For this, the villagers prepared vermi bed with special type of soil joint which was low cost and was made in just one month. Earthworms got the facility of ventilation due to the absence of cement. It was also easy to work on. Moisture is maintained, it was very effective and due to this the growth of earthworms doubled. Rural Agriculture Extension Officer Smt. Archana Chakhiyar said that there was an increase in earthworms due to moisture and due to coolness. They told that the amount of micronutrients in the manure prepared was also very high. engaged in promotion. A member told that her sister-in-law was married, she wanted to give the ornaments on her behalf, for this the amount was spent. A member of the group told that over the years, there were some wishes of spending, which were to be done while standing on one’s feet, just fulfilled them and feel very good. Work will also be done on paint from cow dung – village ki Sarpanch Smt. Hemlata Deshmukh informed that soon work will be done on making paint from cow dung in the village. For this the training of groups is going to start soon. Mr. Manoj Chandrakar, Chairman, Gauthan Committee said that many innovations are yet to be made to take Gauthan forward. Its plan has been prepared by the Gothan committee. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading