Women who are busy with domestic work are now giving shape to their dreams due to their urge to do something and their will. National Livelihood Mission Bihaan is helping them in fulfilling their dreams. There are many such tales of success which are inspiring the common people. Gauri Kripa was built by ten women of village Rajananwagaon and surrounding villages of district Kabirdham. The support group started the printing press after getting training. In just 6 months, the group did a business of 3 lakh 41 thousand 628 rupees, in which it made a profit of about one lakh thirty thousand rupees.
This women’s group was connected to the Bhoramdev Aajeevika Complex operating in Rajnawagaon by training them for the working of the printing press. Within just six months of commencing the work, this group got an order to prepare registers and other stationery to be used by more than five hundred women’s groups of the district. The group worked hard to prepare five types of registers – binding, pinning, numbering, cutting, meeting proceedings book, transaction sheet, ledger register, monthly report and individual member passbook. Gauri Kripa Mahila Self Help Group fulfilled all its orders on time. The group hPrinting Press, Women, Earned Lakhs of Rupees, Household Workas earned a net income of about one lakh thirty thousand rupees from this work. The President of Gauri Kripa Mahila Self Help Group, Smt. Shomi Shrivas, while talking to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel through video conferencing, informed about the working of her printing press. was. He had expressed his gratitude to the Chhattisgarh government and Chief Minister Mr. Baghel for his help.
Excited by its success, Mrs. Srivas, Chairman of the group said that now our group is planning to move ahead in the work of screen printing, so that more work can be found including card print of the surrounding area. Praising the work of the women’s group, the Chief Executive Officer of Kabirdham Zilla Panchayat said that the register which is being received in the district was earlier available from the state office. Sometimes the group had to buy it from another market for Rs 150 to Rs 200, but now the same material is being prepared by the women’s group of the district.