With strong will power and steely intentions, women are also becoming successful in business fields considered reserved for men. An example of this is the women self-help group Ekta of Komakhan, a small village in Bagbahra, a development block in Mahasamund district, whose spirit has now turned iron. These women belonging to the Bihan group are manufacturing iron wire fencing, which are usually done by men due to heavy work. So far, 169 bundles of fencing wire have been manufactured and sold for 1 lakh 90 thousand 365 rupees by these women. Their fencing wire is being demanded by government and non-governmental organizations.
The women said that the work was difficult, but the training started by the Master Trainer of the Rural Livelihood Mission, the work seemed easy. The women of the group proved that they have full capabilities to move forward and take their family forward. In such a situation, Bihan’s plans are strengthening him. These women are not only strengthening the economic condition of their family but also providing employment to other people and helping them to grow. The women of the group are also making pickles, papad, nirma, soap, phenyl with facing wire.
It is noteworthy that under the Chhattisgarh State Rural Livelihoods Mission, women and women residing in rural areas as self-help groups are being motivated and motivated for self-reliance. Along with this, they are being linked with self-employment by training them in various livelihood related activities. Under this, 5 thousand 223 women self-help groups are working in Mahasamund district. By joining them, about 55 thousand 910 women are becoming self-sufficient by making candle, lamp, washing powder, phenyl, bamboo basket and other items. Women associated with Bihan scheme also do the work of sewing-embroidery, making organic manure and selling self-made goods in the market, in which the state government is also cooperating fully.