Will Tejashwi Yadav make any impact in Assam and Bengal?

By Express News Service
PATNA: Will the RJD’s plans to enter the electoral fray in West Bengal and Assam inflict any damages on its target, the BJP? This has become a million-dollar political question being asked by Bihar’s political observers and analysts.

Some analysts say RJD’s influence could be felt in some pockets where Hindi-speaking voters are permanently settled in Assam and Bengal.

As per rough estimation, compared to Bengal, its neighbour Assam has a larger population of Hindi-speaking voters who had migrated from Bihar.

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“Around, two per cent of voters are Hindi-speaking in Assam, who owe lineages from Bihar and a majority of them belong to Yadav community.

In some seats, they may be able to swing the results,” said Arun Kumar Pandey, a seasoned political analyst-cum- senior journalist in Patna. He added that the RJD may try to highlight the unemployment issue during thr BJP rule during the campaign.