Will defeat the third wave of Corona with everyone's cooperation: Urban Administration Minister Dr. Dahria

Urban Administration and Development and Labor Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahria has said that like the first and second wave of Kovid, we will defeat the third wave of Corona with the cooperation of all sections, social service organizations and public representatives. According to the guidelines of the Chief Minister, preparations are being made in all the districts of the state for prevention and treatment of Kovid infection. The necessary equipment and facilities in the hospitals are being augmented. Dr. Dahria was reviewing through video conferencing the preparations being made for the prevention and treatment of Kovid infection in the three districts of his charge, Surguja, Surajpur and Balrampur today. In the virtual meeting, Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdeo, Parliamentary Secretary Shri Parasnath Rajwade, MLAs Shri Chintamani Maharaj and Shri Brihaspati Singh also participated. Dr. Dahria told the officials in the virtual meeting that the Kovid protocol should be strictly followed. Citizens should be motivated for covid vaccination. Similarly, maximum vaccination of school children should also be done. He said that people coming from outside should be tested for corona. Arrangements should be made for corona test in public places, railway stations, bus stands etc. For the prevention and treatment of corona, the cooperation of local voluntary organizations and public representatives should be taken. Reviewing the preparations being made to deal with the third wave of Kovid in all the three districts of the charge area, Dr. Dahria said that oxygen plants, oxygen cylinders, ambulances and other equipment should be repaired in the Kovid wards of the hospitals. He said that processions, rallies, public gatherings, social, cultural, religious and sports events should be banned. Where the rate of positivity is more than 4 percent, schools, Anganwadi, libraries and public places should be closed. The use of masks and sanitizers should be strictly enforced in public places, crowded markets, shops. During the review, Dr. Dahria discussed with the public representatives, media, industrial, business, religious, educational institutions, farmer laborers and representatives of various societies, including collectors, superintendents of police, chief medical officers of the three districts and the works of prevention and treatment of corona. requested for the necessary cooperation. During the review, Dr. Dahria took information from the collectors about various preparations including beds of government and private hospitals, stock of medicines, oxygen, availability. He directed the officials to provide medicine kits to the patients living in home isolation. He said that these patients should also be monitored daily through doctors. Serious patients should be immediately admitted to the hospital. Similarly, random testing should be done in the border areas and railway stations of the state and efforts should be made to limit the rate of infection. Provide permission for home isolation through online portal and operate call center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He said that all private hospitals should be given ICU. It should be ensured to provide patients for beds, oxygenated and normal beds and medicines at the rate fixed by the government. Keeping in mind the positivity rate of Corona in the district, if the situation requires it, the previously operated Kovid Center should be restarted. Urged industrial organizations to give their employees paid leave in this epidemic. Health Minister Shri T.S. Participating in the meeting, Singhdeo said that the third wave of corona has started and rapid infection is being seen. Globally, it is believed that this infection will be widespread but will cause less harm. To deal with this, we all have to adopt covid appropriate behavior. There should be no late reporting of positive cases and there should be adequate arrangement of oxygen in hospitals. Surguja district currently has 2.59 positivity rate which may increase in coming time. There is availability of 690 beds in the hospitals of the district. Arrangements should be made for recruitment at the primary level by marking the schools near the sub-health centers so that the pressure on big hospitals is reduced. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading