Applicants will in the prescribed format
Urban Administration and Development Department released the district collectors and municipal commissioners circular
Providing false information to a provision of the penal action applicants
Raipur to applicants residing in municipal areas  / State that race and documentary evidence regarding Mulnivas is not available, then the person in the General Assembly meetings of municipalities in such cases or to ensure that the family will be. Applicants will be declared in the prescribed format, which will be declared in respect of his race and domicile in another format by the General Assembly after considering all the facts. Incorrect information given will be recorded crimes against the applicant making the announcement of the General Assembly and the foreclosure action will be taken.
All of the state Urban Administration and Development Department at the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) District Collectors and issued a circular in this regard, the municipal commissioners. The race and the procedure adopted by the General Assembly in connection with the authorization of the original residence certificate is explained point by point detail. Two different forms of non Udgoshnaon by the General Assembly of the applicants with the circular and municipalities are also attached. Race with circular and point-wise procedure to be adopted by the General Assembly in connection with the certification of domicile also went sent to district collectors and municipal commissioners. It has been said that this work has to be completed before the general assembly meetings held up to one year and longer to be sure not the effect of an individual or a family left it. Municipalities will be the first promotion in their cities that the state government has decided to ensure the identity of the persons belonging to SC, ST and OBC living in the city families who have caste certificate (Status not before the record date determined in terms of the certificate). So let a man submitted to the authorized personnel by municipal prescribed application format. After considering all the facts will be passed resolutions in this regard by the General Assembly.
The circular also states to take utmost care at every stage of the process of paper all the relevant authorities and staff race and domicile certificates, including General Assembly. The department said, referring to a circular of the new circular Department on December 14, almost two and a half years ago in 2015 that currently many small villages have now been converted into the town panchayat. So city residents of panchayats who have no other evidence, she had difficulty in building Caste Certificate. So with Gram-with the city passed the Panchayat and Municipal Council resolutions were received instructions on how to can be considered to follow the evidence. These instructions correspond municipal corporations (Lives individuals in urban areas), families have applied the decision to implement the instructions with regard to valid documents on their race and Public Relations of Mulnivas or may not be available evidence in private documents has gone. Further stated in the circular that SC, ST and OBC many individuals or families Public or private related to those who do not have real estate and more real estate and education due to their ancestors not educated specified on their race and race documents on (cut-off date) before they cast because no details are available on their principal residence Individual certificates can not submit documentary evidence to build and have to face difficulties. The Urban Administration and Development Department circular instructed point-wise action in this regard on the basis of the consent of the General Administration Department.
The circular is the individuals Iijnki race and in relation to the former residence of the specified dates in respect of Caste Certificate is not a public or private documents, identification municipalities of General Assembly meetings by the State Government will be ensured through. Specified on that cut-off date of intent on December 26th 1984 on August 10, 1950, ST connection on 6 September 1950 and OBCs in respect of SC. After the necessary exposure in this regard such persons at body level or will be received in the prescribed format to the heads of the families that their race or any public or private documents about the original home race cut-off date on the certificate is not available and their race and specified on his or original habitat in the city or mentioned city of their ancestors Received. If will mark the individuals or signature or thumb authorized staff by then not be able to submit heads own application families related entity (corporation) will enter into a receive oral information applications and related application. No information on their original place of residence application will be confirmed on the following employee based on records of light Patwari and around educational institutions receiving the first specific dates about the race of the applicant and their blood relatives maintained not, with the first document to specified dates, not be considered by the General Assembly on Aaga.
Once you’ve added the circular sure that light Patwari applicant maintained records maintained records and academic institutions or any details about his family is not available, by the body of employees on the basis of applications the list will be presented ready during the upcoming general / special meeting of the corporation and the individual sense Corporation members Received the application for the family of blood relatives and set them in relation to its unanimously on the basis of personal information specified in terms of their race and race on that cut-off date or earlier in their native habitat in relation to relatives format on the basis will be declared in the prescribed format. If the first applicant specified date in relation to race or original residence of her ancestors is not related to the city will be declared the consensus on General Assembly only race.
As noted in the new circular that the applicant the prescribed format-a will your race and announcement to this effect on the native habitat that they have specified dates prior to his current position, or no relation to the original habitat of his ancestors also Missal records of ancestors such as public documents, deposit surveyorship, B-one State settlement, rights record in 1954, captive deposit of Forest Department, Forest charter, Shaiksh Pathetic institution filed-down register per birth and death register or any details of personal documents such as parents or issued caste certificates prior to the ancestors or Pitrivansh or real estate purchase sale documents are not available. Therefore requested to be declared in respect of the principal residence of race and ancestry of the application of the General Assembly directed the state government. He will also complete information regarding your family in the prescribed format. Mayor will proclaim his own format or two depending on the proclamation of the applicant by the General Assembly of the municipal on which Parsdgn other members and authorized by the body employees and signed by the light refused. Society mainly applicant in the General Assembly and the birth family and said his race with death-related rituals, gods, traditional business, village or nearby living attention bread-daughter relationship with people of any community the placing will be declared. The list went went by the General Assembly proclamation and designed based on what will be maintained in a register in accordance with the format 3 Municipal and Tehsil and District Office (Collectorate). This permanent record.
The General Assembly and related to this announcement the person and other official or employee of any public will ensure that before the declaration in respect of any person or family that the first applicant or the date specified in relation to the race of his family and his principal residence or not private documents maintained. The conclusion is that since the document, which was drafted as a result of this announcement will be very important and therefore should be kept carefully at each stage of the process relating to the creation and maintenance. It is also clear that caste certificates will be issued and accepted in relation to verify it as evidence in the context of the announcement and list race and domicile in Urban Administration and Development Department has issued its circular on January 11, 2018 but if intentionally Dastave from any public or private documents in due course of time it will determine by themselves the applicant or by other persons Mr. then evidence has been hidden announces individual or family’s race and went made the wrong announcement through the General Assembly in respect of the original residence and obtained false caste certificate by any person on the basis of the declaration that the applicant and abetment individuals and Case district evidence against the authorities letter verification committee and high repair district committee National certification will be sent to the investigating committee. The registered crimes in accordance with the screening committee’s decision will be initiated penal action against such people. This operation in Chhattisgarh scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other will be backward classes (social status regulation of certification) Act under the provisions of 2013 against those obtained caste evidence base has made it clear that incorrect facts circular. Equally important is the applicant and the name of urban bodies of his family members, Tehsil Office and District Office (Collectorate) maintained will be processed to be deleted from the permanent record.