Wild tusker stabs tamed elephant to death at Betla National Park

Express News Service
RANCHI: Wild tuskers on Monday killed an ailing tamed elephant ‘Kal Bhairav’ which was chained for treatment at Betla National Park in Latehar.

Forest officials said by the time guards reached the spot, one of the wild elephants had already stabbed the tamed elephant by using its tusks killing it on the spot.

The incident took place at a camp where the pet elephant was undergoing treatment after a wound was spotted in one of its legs. Kal Bhairav was tied with a chain and kept separately from other pet animals in the camp, said the official.

“One of our tamed elephants was killed by two wild tuskers which entered into the camp in Batla National Park late on Monday evening. Though the forest employees present there tried to protect it by firing crackers, they failed to save the elephant. 

It died after being stabbed by the tusk of one of the wild animals,” said Director of Palamu Tiger Reserve YK Das. The spat took place for over half an hour. The chain, with which Kal Bhairav was tied, was unclenched and was dragged to a few meters from the camp, he added.

According to Das, the incident probably took place out of enmity as Kal Bhairav was the only adult male in the group of tamed elephants, he added.

Kal Bhairav along with three other elephants was brought to Betla National Park from Karnataka in March 2018.