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As per the instructions of Collector Mr. Janmejay Mahobe, under the guidance of Mr. Anand Tiwari District Program Officer, Mr. CL Bhuarya District Women and Child Development Officer and under the leadership of Satyanarayan Rathore District Child Protection Officer, District Child Protection Unit Women with the aim of creating a child-friendly environment in the community And Child Development Education Department, Special Juvenile Police Unit, Police Department and Child Line 1098, Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act 2012, POCSO Act, Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015, JJ Act and child rights protection. The campaign is underway. The team of the District Child Protection Unit went to Hot Bazar of Minminiyan Maidan under Bodla Development Block and Paithupara of Kawardha city and spread wide publicity through street plays, papplets, banner-posters etc. Department of Women and Child Development District Child Protection Unit Juvenile Justice Board, Child Welfare Committee, Children’s Court, Special Juvenile Police Unit, Child Help Line 1098, Child Protection Committee, Child Home, Adoption, Child Marriage, POCSO Act, Sexual Abuse, Safe Touch, Unsafe Touch, Child Awareness about rights protection, care and needy child beggary, drug abuse, waste collection, identification of children living in street-like conditions and coming in contact with the law, rescue and rehabilitation of such children in the main stream of the society. Appealed to people to join. It is worth mentioning that under the direction of Collector Mr. Janamjay Mahobe, District Administration, Women and Child Development Department, District Child Protection Unit, Special Juvenile Police Unit, Education Department, Child Line and other departments have been continuously campaigning in the district for child rights protection awareness. Community through wide publicity in rural and urban areas, streets, hot-markets, schools, hostels, public awareness programs, street plays, cultural programs, workshops, various activities, meetings of ward and panchayat level child protection committees, etc. We are continuously working to bring awareness. As a result of which awareness about child rights protection is being seen in the people and communities of the district. During this, District Child Protection Officer Women and Child Development Department Mr. Satyanarayan Rathore, Protection Officer Non-Institutional Mr. Rajram Chandravanshi, Counselor Mr. Avinash Thakur, Mr. Suresh Sahu Mrs. Parameshwari Dhurve, Mrs. Shyama Dhurve, Mrs. Nitin Kishori Verma, Outreach Worker Vinay Kumar Janghel, District Child Protection Unit, Women and Child Development Department had a special contribution. Continue Reading