Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is being accused of selling off state’s interests to Adani Group in his recent New Delhi sojourn.

While Bhupesh was in the national capital, Janta Congress Chhattisgarh (Jogi) leader Amit Jogi addressed a press conference in Raipur and asked the media to question the chief minister upon his arrival in the stateĀ 

Since Amit Jogi had demanded Baghel to make the details of the alleged meeting with Adani Group officials public, the irked chief minister told media, “Amit Jogi’s mother had also met with me, so ask shall I also disclose the details of that meeting or not. “

A Raipur-based political analyst tells OneIndia that the way Baghel has responded to the question of his meeting with Adani Group officials shows that Amit Jogi ‘s allegation has substance.

“Instead of giving a clear answer, Baghel surprisingly involved Amit Jogi’s mother. It was a foolish and politically immature remark. Any chief minister is not supposed to involve name of a woman when he is being questioned about a closed-door meeting. Baghel’s response cements Amit Jogi’s allegations. As a chief minister, Baghel has every right to meet with anyone but keeping a meeting secret is not right. Politicians keep only those things secret that are beneficial for them and not for people,” says the analyst.