External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj is known for her wit on Twitter. And she displayed it once again on Saturday morning when she replied to a question posed to her on the social networking site.

Swaraj, who had changed her Twitter handle to Chowkidar Sushma Swaraj in keeping with Prime Minister Narendra ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign, was asked why she called herself Chowkidar.

In his question, the person wrote, “Ma’,m we thought you were our Foreign Minister. The only one most sensible in BJP. Why do you call yourself Chowkidar.”

The person was replying to her tweet regarding the death of an Indian in a stabbing incident in Munich.

In response to the question, Swaraj tweeted, “Because I am doing Chowkidari of Indian interests and Indian nationals abroad.”

Swaraj is known for her personal engagement with people on Twitter in addressing their concerns. This is one of the primary reasons that make her popular on the social media platform.

In 2017, a Twitter user had written to her on the micro-blogging site saying, “I am stuck on mars, food sent via Mangalyaan (987 days ago), is running out, when is Mangalyaan-II being sent ? @isro”

In response, Swaraj had tweeted, “Even if you are stuck on the Mars, Indian Embassy there will help you.”