While big claims are being made about the CoronaVirus vaccine, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made it clear that there is no hope of coming soon. The WHO has said that the vaccine can be ready only by the middle of next year. WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris emphasized the importance of effectiveness and safety in trials, saying that no vaccine-producing country has reached the advance trial yet. There are no clear indications of any vaccine being effective at the level of at least 50% in the trial till date. In such a situation, the availability of the Corona vaccine cannot be expected until mid-next year.

Harris further said that the third phase of the vaccine trial will be longer. Because we need to see how safe the vaccine is, and how much it can protect against viruses. The WHO spokesperson said, ‘All the data in the trial should be shared and compared. Many people have been vaccinated and we do not know if it actually works or not. We do not yet have a clear indication of whether it is sufficiently effective and safe