The statue of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, will be inaugurated on January 30 at the Thakur Ramchandra Swamy Jaitavaso Monastery Public Trust Raipur in Old Basti. The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi came to Raipur during the independence movement. During that time, he led the freedom movement by staying in the Jaitasava monastery. Alakh was raised for independence in Chhattisgarh. Along with this, many important works were also done for the prevention of untouchability from the monastery itself. In view of this, the Trust had decided that the memory of the Father of the Nation should always be alive in the monastery. This year, the statue of Mahatma Gandhi is being unveiled in the monastery on his death anniversary.

It is noteworthy that the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi had reached the Jatusav monastery. After this, many went to places like Dhamtari, Kurud, Kandel etc. Led the Jan Jagran Abhiyan. There was a different feeling of mutual brotherhood among the people. It was full of unity against discrimination.