'When Harry met Santa', an achingly beautiful ad we should celebrate

By Online Desk

Christmas marks the season of joy, merriment, being with loved ones and celebrating good things, and brands across the world take up a tradition of releasing ads with emotional and sweet messages.

Norway’s state-owned postal service Posten released a heartwarming Christmas advertisement that went viral in no time. 

Posten marked 50 years since Norway decriminalised same-sex relationships.

“This year it’s all about love – highlighting the fact that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Norway,” Posten said in a statement.

“In addition to showing the flexibility of our services, we want to put it in a socially relevant setting,” it said.

The ad shows Santa Claus and Harry building a bond meeting only on Christmas over a number of years. 

However, Santa’s busy schedule keeps them away from each other, and finally, Norway’s Posten services ease the work on Santa uniting the two. They kiss in the final scene.

“We wanted to celebrate the 50-year anniversary since the abolition of a law prohibiting same-sex relationships,” said Monica Solberg, Posten’s marketing director. 

“The magnitude of response took us a bit by surprise. We expected a reaction, but not to such an extent,” she added. 

“Everyone should feel welcome, seen, heard, and included. This year’s Christmas ad embraces this,” it said.