Using WhatsApp for official purpose? Or just for staying in touch with your friends and loved ones? Perhaps, you do not want to lose those chats as they may be important to you.

In order to keep your chat history intact even after uninstall and reinstall the app for any plausible reason or while switching to a new phone, it’s always a good idea to backup your chats and media for future reference. Here’s how to do it on Android and iOS phones:

How to backup chats on Android:

– After opening the app, tap on three vertical dots on the top right corner of your Android phone

– Tap on Settings

– Then click on ‘Chats’

– At the bottom, click on ‘Chat backup’ option. It will show you the Google Drive Settings option.

– In that, select ‘Back up to Google Drive’ option. You will get an option to backup both chats and videos shared over the app. If you want to backup the media as well, tap on ‘Include videos’.

– Once you select that, you will be asked to pick up a backup frequency- Never, Only when I tap “Back up”, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

– Select the option that suits you

– Then, under the Google Account option, add your Gmail address where you want to save and backup your chats

– For advanced settings, you can also select the connectivity via which you want to save the chats, either over Wi-Fi, cellular, or both

– Finally, click on the option ‘Backup’ to save all your chats to Google Drive or your gmail account.