Rajya Sabhachairman Venkaiah Naidu said he was “pained” by the scenes played out in the Upper House on Thursday over the RTI Amendment Bill. On Thursday, opposition members had alleged “intimidation” and “influencing” of votes by a BJPMP to get the motion to send the amendment to the select committee rejected. The treasury benches had countered the allegations vociferously.
Congress and most other opposition members had walked out in protest over the voting process. The bill was passed in the Upper House following a voice vote.

While not elaborating on the happenings, Naidu said in the House on Friday, “What happened yesterday pained me. It has pained the people of the country also. We should see to it that such situations and such scenes are avoided in future.
“There has to be clarity that if any bill originating from the other House is taken up in this House and if any member wants to move amendments, if amendments are proposed, then those amendments and bills would be taken up together for discussion. They would be taken up first after discussion and then, there would be voting on amendments. That has been the practice in the House since long.”
He further said, “Another thing was brought to my notice, which is again not a healthy thing. Once the voting process starts, even individual members are not supposed to move this side or that side and go and talk to them. If they want to talk to any member, they are at liberty to talk to them before the voting process starts and, that too, preferably outside the House. We have a lot of time. We can discuss.”