CALIFORNIA: American media personality and comedian Conan O’Brien, who was nominated for an Emmy this year for outstanding variety talk series, made a splash at the 2021 Emmy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles.

According to Fox News, the late-night icon attended the illustrious award ceremony honouring the best of the best in television on Sunday night and drew eyes and cameras when Television Academy Chairman and CEO Frank Scherma came on stage.

The businessman was set to speak about the TV industry at large and shortly after being introduced, Scherma began to laugh, seeing O’Brien in the audience. Shortly after, he broke into laughter, as did many others in the room.

it’s official, conan o’brien is drunk or in other words…conan o’brien is being conan o’brien and we love him for it. (goddamn i miss him)
— aMucc | brooklyn 99 mourning (@amurkymuc) September 20, 2021
Eventually, viewers were given a look at what exactly was causing the stir: O’Brien loudly cheering for and enthusiastically saluting Scherma from the audience. “Thank you, Conan,” Scherma said.

The seemingly unscripted moment went viral and viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the moment.

“I f–kin love Conan. Dude trolling the Emmy president was great #Emmys,” wrote a fan. “Conan is the best part of this show and he hasn’t even been on stage,” said another. A fourth added, “Conan is an American treasure.”

Even comedian Wanda Sykes weighed in, writing: “Conan is giving no F’s tonight!”

Conan made another surprise appearance when Stephen Colbert’s live election special won an award for outstanding variety special (live). O’Brien hopped on stage and cheered before disappearing. In the virtual press room after earning the award, Colbert joked that he asked O’Brien to join him onstage.

“Conan’s the kid who is graduating who doesn’t give a single f–k,” wrote a viewer alongside a screenshot of O’Brien standing on the stage. “OH GOD CONAN IS BACK AT IT AGAIN,” tweeted another. A fan even suggested: “#Conan is either not getting invited again or he’s just sealed his next hosting gig… #Emmys.”

O’Brien’s show ‘Conan’, which wrapped its final season this summer, was up for an Emmy this year for outstanding variety talk series. The award ultimately went to ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’. In his acceptance speech, John Oliver called out O’Brien by name.

“Like many of us in this room, I was kind of rooting for Conan, so this is bittersweet,” Oliver admitted. “Thank you so much, Conan, for 30 years of inspiring comedy writers.” Oliver later encouraged viewers to watch clips of both O’Brien and the late Norm Macdonald’s work, as per Fox News.