The proposed village-wise list for planting summer rabi crop (paddy) has been released. According to the information received from Executive Engineer, Water Resources Division, Code 90 Shri AK Paladia, it has been proposed to provide water for irrigation by planting Rabi crop (Paddy) in three thousand hectare area from the main project system on the left bank of the main project. These include 700 ha in village Karelibadi of Magarlod development block, Bhotidih 600 ha, 400 ha in village Rankadih, 390 ha in Kundel, Khisora ​​280 ha, 260 ha in Motimpur, 195 ha in Hasada, 100 ha in Dhaurabhatha, 40 ha in Navotgaon, Bhotha. The area of ​​20 hectares and village Amachani covers 15 hectares.
Similarly, water has been proposed to be irrigated from six small reservoirs in 248 hectare area for planting summer rabi crop (paddy). These include 56 hectares of village Madeli from Bakori reservoir, 50 hectares in Bakori and 24 hectares in village Baniyatora. Similarly, water has been proposed to be irrigated from Rajadera reservoir in the area of ​​20 hectares in village Parsabuda, 18 in village Rengadih and 17 hectares in village Rajadera for summer paddy irrigation. For irrigation of summer rabi crop (paddy) in 20 hectare area in Bhandarwadi reservoir from village Bhandarwadi, 35 hectare in village Belora from Belora reservoir, six hectare in Arjuni village of Arjuni reservoir from village Arjuni and two hectare in Gorsanala village from Gorsanala reservoir. Water supply is proposed.