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PATNA: Bihar-origin Vikashsheel Insaan Party (VIP), headed by Mukesh Sahni, who is also called the Son of Mallah, is attempting to jump into the electoral politics of Uttar Pradesh through installation of the statues of late bandit-turn-politician Phoolan Devi’s political ideologies at the party workers’ house.

Sahni, who was recently not allowed to unveil the statues of Phoolan Devi at 18 different places on July 25 by the Uttar Pradesh government, has chalked out an interesting plan to make the political presence felt in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

He has prepared the party workers of Uttar Pradesh unit for installing nearly 50,000 statues of Phoolan Devi on the land of their respective houses before the Assembly elections are announced. If anyone installs the statue of Phoolan Dev at his or her private house land, no law can stop prevent the people from doing it.

The party will make available the statues of Phoolan Devi from Bihar in the run up to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls in order to polarise nearly 17 per cenr voters, belonging to Mallah or fisherman community, through their sentiment attached with Phoolan Devi towards the party.

Mukesh Sahni, after his attempt to unveil the statues of Phoolan Devi was thwarted in Uttar Pradesh, had lambasted the Yogi Adityanath led-government in Uttar Pradesh.

VIP’s national spokesperson  Dev Jyoti, through a press note, said that around 50000 statues of Phoolan Devi will be made avaibale to the party workers in Uttar Pradesh for installation on the land of their respective houses’.

The VIP will not only install 50000 idols and statues of Veerangana Phoolan Devi in Uttar Pradesh but also motivate the voters belonging to nishad community to idolise the ideologies of Phoolan Devi, who fought against the injustice meted out to her by feudal forces.

The VIP has decided not only to get 50000 statues installed but also distribute five lakh lockets carrying the photos of Phoolan Devi amongst the Nishad caste people as a symbol of their struggle for the caste dignity.

Jyoti also claimed that Sahni – who is the animal husbandry and fisheries minister in the Bihar government, will also send 165 leaders from Bihar to Uttar Pradesh making them as in-charges of party.

“The Vikashsheel Insaan Party will take the struggles of ‘veerangana’ (Braveheart) Phoolan Devi ji and her ideologies to the people in the form of Nishad Revolution. The party will also fulfil her dreams of bringing forward the Nishad community in the whole country together,” he said.

Jyoti claimed that party will soon expand in the entire Uttar Pradesh and has almost completed its preparations for the 2022 Assembly elections. Sources said that the VIP may field its candidates at 165 seats in Uttar Pradesh having considerable presences of Nishad voters.

A two-time MP from Samajwadi Party (SP), Phoolan Devi had fought against the feudal forces as bandit. A Hindi movie ‘Bandit Queen’ was also made on her life and struggle from a common woman to a bandit.