Parliamentary Secretary Vikas Upadhyay is constantly active as a public representative and he is available every moment to solve public problems. A new form of youth leader Vikas Upadhyay has now emerged. He spoke to a widow of a martyr as a brother and assured him that his brother would always stand with him in his happiness and sorrow. This redesign of Vikas Upadhyay is highly appreciated. She spoke to Madhuri, widow of Shaheed Platoon Commander Geeta Ram Rathia, who was presented with Naxalism today, and assured her that the statue of her husband Shaheed Geeta Ram Rathia would be installed in her home village Singhanpur Raigad. Vikas Upadhyay assured the martyr’s wife that they were his brothers and he would always be together in their happiness and sorrow. She can contact them whenever she wants. The widow of Shaheed Geeta Ram Rathia has long demanded that her husband’s statue be installed in her village.