According to the instructions of the state government, under the Victim Compensation Scheme 2011, compensation amount is provided for the help of crime victims. Under this, a total victim compensation amount of Rs.7 lakh 95 thousand has been sanctioned to seven victims of the district by Collector P.S.Elma.
According to the information received from the Collectorate, Mr. Tukesh Yadav, a resident of village Thuha of Kurud tehsil, has been sanctioned a victim compensation amount of Rs.3 lakh. Similarly, Mr. Yugal Kishore Sahu of village Limtara of Dhamtari tehsil and Mr. Tejlal Deepak of village Kohka of village Kohka have been sanctioned Rs. 2 lakh each, and Mr. Muleshwar Sahu of Bhidawar Rs. 25 thousand rupees have been sanctioned to Shri Jeevrakhan Sahu, resident of village Barna in Kurud tehsil, and Shri Ramesh Sinha of village Demar of Dhamtari tehsil and Shri Kanti Kumar Dahriya of village Chest, a victim compensation amount of ten thousand rupees each. All the above cases are related to the District Legal Services Authority.