The US and India have intensified patrolling to stop the growing force of China-Pakistan in the Indian Ocean. The US has already deployed B-2 Spirit Steel Bombers at its Naval Base Diago Garcia located in the region two days ago. By deploying this destroyer bomber capable of long-range nuclear attack, the US has not only openly expressed its support for India, but has also given direct warning to China, Pakistan and Iran operating in the region.

According to US website The Drive, the B-2 Spirit Steel Bombers stationed in Diago Garcia will also participate in the Malabar Naval Exercise to be held with India. Apart from India and the US, Japan will also participate in this exercise in the Indian Ocean. It is believed that in view of the increasing tension with China, this time Australia can also be invited to join it. However, Australia has not yet been officially called for inclusion.

bomber aircraft can carry 16 B61-7 nuclear bombs simultaneously. Recently its fleet has included extremely lethal and accurate hitting B61-12 atomic bombs. It is not under the grip of nuclear radar and is capable of carrying out stealth attacks. Not only this, it easily penetrates into enemy territory by dodging the enemy’s air defense. One thousand kilo conventional bombs can also be deployed at this bomber. It is considered the most effective bomber in attacking the enemy’s land.

America’s Diago Garcia Naval Base is special not only for India but for the entire Indian Ocean. Indeed, the Chagos Archipelago, located in the center of the Indian Ocean, consists of about 60 archipelagos and seven atolls. Its largest island is Diego Garcia. This archipelago is very small with an area of ​​just 60 square kilometers and a coastline of 698 kilometers. The island is currently owned by Britain and has given it to the US. The Chagos Islands lie in the middle of the Indian Ocean, roughly the same distance from the coast of the African mainland in the west and Southeast Asia in the east. To the west of the island lies the coast of Somalia and to the east of the coast of Sumatra, both about 1,500 nautical miles apart. The Chagos Archipelago lies about 1,000 nautical miles from the south of the Indian subcontinent.