Former Chief Minister Raman Singh has said that the annual budget of the newly formed Congress government which would be tabled in the State Assembly commencing from February 8 is expected to be ‘populist’ considering the fact that Lok Sabha polls are nearing.

Talking to media persons, Singh said that if the ruling Congress government would have chalked out plan for development eyeing on next five years it would have been assumed that the government was committed for development of the state, he said. The government’s real plans would be known after tabling of the budget, he said.

The former Chief Minister while reacting to reported criticism by former Agriculture minister Chandrashekhar Sahu on BJP’s poll debacle, said that better sense will prevail on the latter soon.

Sahu had criticized the erstwhile BJP Government’s SKY scheme and had charged that utilising the money of poor farmers the Government distributed mobile phones which angered the farmers of the state.