• Central Government has decided to keep schools and colleges closed in Unlock-4.
  • However, from September 21, J and Union Territories can give 50% teaching staff permission to attend school.
  • Many states have intensified their preparations for opening schools.

New Delhi
Central Government has released Unlock 4 Guidelines, and has decided to keep schools, colleges, coaching and other educational institutions closed ( Unlock 4 Guidelines on School and College ) but nothing for the senior class. Has given According to the guidelines, schools outside the Containment Zone can voluntarily attend students of 9th and 12th schools. Many states agreed to open the school in a meeting with the Center. The Center also left it to the states to open schools in states where corona cases were low. Let’s know in which state the schools will open ..

The guideline of Unlock-4 states that from September 21, state and union territories can give 50% teaching staff permission to attend schools in schools. These staff can come to school for online teaching. During this time all schools, colleges, coaching and other educational institutions will remain closed. Students of classes 9-12 will be able to go to school with the permission of their parents.

Pradesh Andhra Pradesh had earlier decided to open the school from September 5, but after the guidelines of the Center, the state government will now take a decision on September 1 in this matter. State Principal Secretary B Rajasekhar had said that the state government would take a decision only after the unlock-4 guidelines of the Center . For this, he has also reviewed the preparations of the schools.

Uttar Pradesh

With the consent of parents in the Uttar Pradesh government, students from class 9 to 12 can be called on voluntary basis from September 21 outside the Containmate Zone. But no one will be forced to do this. PG students with PhD and lab work will be called after the consent of the Department of Higher Education and Home Affairs. The rest of the schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutes will remain closed till September 30 for the students.

Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh School Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar said in a recent statement that the date of opening of schools in the state will depend on the condition of corona virus infection. At the moment he ruled out the possibility of the school opening in September. A decision will be taken to open schools on the basis of the state of corona control in the state.

Bihar is
locked in till September 6 in the midst of the Corona crisis. In such a situation, no decision has been taken yet to open the school. Recently, the Education Department made it clear that under no circumstances will it be allowed to study in schools from class one to eight. No decision has been taken regarding other classes also.

Delhi The
Delhi government has made it clear that schools will not open in the state until the corona cases are brought under control. CM Arvint Kejriwal had said that he would take a decision on opening the school after coming under control of this epidemic (Corona Pandemic).

Nothing has been said clearly about the government’s opening of schools in Rajasthan. However, discussions are on to open the schools. It is believed that after September 21, students from 9th to 12th will be able to go to school and take guidance from teachers. However, written approval of parents will be required.

No decision has been taken yet to open a school in Jharkhand. Recently, Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that in view of the increasing cases of Corona, there is no talk on the decision to open schools. It will be decided only after the situation improves. It is a matter of children. A decision will be taken from parents to open the school only after that the decision will be taken.

Chhattisgarh open ?
School-colleges in Chhattisgarh will remain closed till 30 September. However, from September 21, 50 percent teachers will be invited to the school located outside the Containment Zone. Students from class 9th to 12th will be able to visit the school for guidance from teachers. For this, they will require the written consent of the parent or guardian.

Schools in West Bengal West Bengal will be closed till 20 September. The state government has not yet taken any decision on opening the school. However the government has indicated that the school can be opened after 20 September.

BS Yeddyurappa government has not taken any decision to open schools in the state of Karnataka . Although classes will start in the college from 1 October. The schools in

Sikkim will open from September 1, but only teachers will go to school. No decision has been taken when students come to school.

Assam The
Assam government has decided to open the school from 1 September.
Last week, the state government conducted the Kovid-19 test of all teachers last week.

Online classes will continue in Telangana. About 30 thousand government schools opened on 27 August and about 1 lakh teachers have joined duty.

school will remain closed until Durga Puja in Orissa. The five-day Durga Puja will be held from October 22-26.