Union Government will be forced to take back farm laws, says Rahul Gandhi in Tamil Nadu

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MADURAI: The government will be forced to take back the farm laws (in the coming days), said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who was on a day trip in Tamil Nadu and witnessed Jallikattu at Avaniyapuram in Madurai district. 

Speaking to mediapersons at Madurai Airport, he said, “If anybody thinks, that they can suppress farmers and this country will continue to prosper, they just have to look at our history and whenever Indian farmers are weak, India is weak.”

Coming down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul said, “You are suppressing the farmers and helping a handful of businesses. When Corona comes, you are not supporting the common man. Whose Prime Minister are you? Are you the Prime Minister of people or of two-three selected businessman?” 

He also stated that the Union Government is conspiring to destroy the farmers. “They want to give the belonging of farmers to two or three of their business friends. They want to take the land and produce of the farmers and want it to give it to their friends,” he said.

He further questioned that “What is China doing inside our territory? Why does the Prime Minister have nothing to say about it? Why is he silent on Chinese Troops sitting inside our territory?” These are the real questions to be asked.

Stating that he is very proud about what the farmers are doing and he will continue supporting them fully, Rahul said, “Mark my words, take it from me. These laws (farm bills) the government will be forced to take them back.”

Batting for Jallikattu

During the media interaction, Rahul said that he witnessed Jallikattu and had a nice time. “I got a sense of why Tamil people appreciate Jallikattu. There was a sense many people had mention to me that Jallikattu is harmful to bulls. I witnessed it today and I must say that the way it was done today there was absolutely no chance of either the bull getting injured. In fact, if anyone is likely to injured it was the young men who are doing Jallikattu. So I am happy to say that there have been some changes to make it safer,” he added. 

Centre Trying to Destroy Tamil Culture 

Alleging that the government in Delhi (Union Government) is trying to supress the Tamil spirit and its culture, the Congress leader said “They (Union Government) believe they can suppress the emotions of the Tamil people, they believe they can crush the language of the Tamil people, they believe they can suppress the spirit of the Tamil people,” the Congress leader said.

“I came to give them a message that nobody is going to suppress the Tamil spirit. There is a reason for it, first of all Tamil spirit cannot be suppressed. And second of all, suppressing the Tamil spirit is the worst thing you can do for country because the Tamil spirit like many other cultures, they are the soul of the country. So I am completely against the Idea that there is only one particular idea, language, notion in this country,” he added.

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At Avaniyapuram

Earlier in the noon, Rahul Gandhi visited Avaniyapuram village, where the jallikattu being conducted. Dressed in a casuals, Rahul Gandhi witnessed the sport for nearly 45 minutes and also rewarded a prize to a woman, whose bull was untamed. 

During his visit, DMK youth wing secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin who was already watching Jallikattu in the venue, took a courtesy call and accompanied Rahul Gandhi in the stage. 

After witnessing the sport, Rahul Gandhi while speaking amoung the spectators said that it was quite lovely experience to see Tamil culture and history in action. He also said that the he was happy to see that Jallikattu is being organised in a systematic and safe manner for both the bull and tamers. “I have specifically come here because I think Tamil culture language and history are essential for the future of India and need to be  respected by everyone in India” Rahul said.

He also said that it is his duty to stand with the people of Tamil Nadu anf protect their history, culture and language. Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayansamy, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President KS Alagiri, senior leaders KC Venugopal, Thirunavukarasar were present with Rahul Gandhi and witnessed the sport.

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Rahul’s Lunch with Villagers

After watching the Jallikattu, Rahul Gandhi visited Thenpalanchi village near Tiruparankundram where he celebrated the pongal. 

The villagers welcomed the Congress leader with ‘aarathi’ and Rahul was seen putting rice in the pongal pot. During the interaction with the women of the villagers, he was briefed on the tradition and the making of the pongal recipe. 

Later, Rahul sat with the villagers and had lunch with them. He was served with boiled rice in a banana leaf with sambar, Poriyal, Kootu, rasam and appalam. Later Rahul Gandhi left to New Delhi in a special flight.