Deobandhi Ulemas said that those people who worship someone other than Allah, those people are rejected from Islam. To return to Islam again, Bukkal Nawab will have to face Allah. Deobandi Ulema Mufti Ahmed Gaur said that worshiping the deity is not justified in Islam. If a Muslim worship any other than Allah, he is rejected from Islam. He said that Muslims worshiping goddesses are not Islam. Whether it is Bakkal Nawab or any other Muslim. Worshiping someone else with God is not justified in Islam.

Former MLC Bakkal Nawab of Samajwadi Party, after joining BJP, had come to visit the South Mookhey Hanuman temple at Hazrat Ganj. Here he worshiped Hanuman ji and offered the bell in the temple. After worshiping in the temple, Bakkal Nawab had said that this temple was built by his ancestors, which is confirmed by the books of Google and Geeta Press