Twitter announced that it is planning to enable two-factor authentication to secure users’ accounts by only using security keys to log in. Currently, a user can only log in to Twitter using their security but will need to have a third party two-factor authentication to be set up as a backup. Twitter has only announced that it is planning to implement this security measure but hasn’t shared any information on when it will actually implement this for users on its social media website.

In a recent tweet, the social media platform announced its future plan of action to help better secure their users accounts. Twitter’s plan to use security keys – physical keys that are connected to a PC using USB or Bluetooth – will reduce users typing in their passwords that can be detected by malicious software. The benefit of using physical security keys is that it will allow users to refrain from sharing more personal information with Twitter that is required for logging in. The user connects the security key to their PC, when the browser issues a challenge for logging in, the security cryptographically authenticates your account and helps you log in.