While the country is still roled with the pandemic and the crucial COVID-19 relief bill is left in disarray, US President Donald Trump was spotted at his golf club in West Palm Beach on December 24. As per reports, just after Trump claimed to have been “working tirelessly for the American people” with a jam-packed schedule of “many meetings and calls”, the US President decided to spend his Christmas Eve golfing in Florida. 

However, in Washington, a Democratic proposal to elevate the direct payments to US citizens under the relief bill from $600 to $2,000 was blocked on Trump’s demand that was expressed in a surprise video address on Tuesday night. But, as per reports, it was dismissed by Republicans who opposed the higher spending throughout stimulus talks amid the global health crisis. 

If the relief bill ultimately fails, millions of Americans will be left without the much-required relief at least until the President-elect Joe Biden takes the office after inauguration day on January 20, 2021. As of now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that the Democrats would try again on December 28.