Management is making efforts to promote tourism in Achanakmar Tiger Reserve. Under this, preparations are underway to make an excursion route from Kenwachi-Amadob, Ranjki-Lamani back to Kenwachi. Through this 40 km route, tourists will be able to enjoy the wildlife as well as the forest. After getting permission from high officials, it will be repaired and prepared for a walk.
The number of tourists in the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is gradually increasing. The way they see the excitement of roaming the forest and seeing wild animals. Tiger Reserve management is insisting on giving them new facilities. So that tourism is boosted and there is a newness in the Tiger Reserve for the tourists too. Now the tour is given by entering from Achanakmar itself. Tourists have also been disturbed by wandering in a route there.

Apart from this, tourists coming from Amarkantak, Gorella-Pendra also have to cross the entire barrier and reach Shivtarai. From here, go to Achanakmar for an excursion. A new route from Kenwachi to Lamni and back to Kenwachi will end the hassle of tourists arriving from that side. They will not have to come to Shivatarai. A major feature of this route is that it is dense forest. Tourists can enjoy it to its fullest. There are also plans to buy Gypsy after the root is ready. Responsibility for its operation will be entrusted to the Forest Management Committee. Currently Tiger Reserve Management has seven Gypsies and a 20 seater bus. They also fall when the crowd is high.