The number of corona virus infected in the country has increased to 93 lakh 9 thousand 787. In the last 24 hours, 43 thousand 82 new patients of Corona have been found. During this, 36 thousand 582 patients were cured and 492 patients died. So far, 1 lakh 35 thousand 715 people have lost their lives from Corona. So far, 87 lakh 18 517 lakh patients have been cured due to infection with this virus. The number of total active cases has also increased beyond 4 lakh 55 thousand 555 after nine days. Among the increasing cases of corona in the country, it is a matter of concern that the recovery rate has come down to 93.61 per cent due to the decrease in the number of healthy people compared to new cases.

India is the second largest number of infected people in the world. It is at number three in terms of maximum death. Also, India is the seventh country with the most active cases. The most active cases are in the United States, France, Italy, Belgium, Brazil and Russia.

Once again, new cases of corona were more in the country and the number of patients recovering from this was less. This increased the active case. Active patients are increasing in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Delhi. In these states, more new cases are coming out of patients getting cured every day.

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have the highest percentage of active cases of corona virus, mortality and recovery rate. It is a matter of relief that a steady decline in mortality and active case rate is being recorded. With this, the recovery rate in India is also increasing continuously. At present, the death rate of corona in the country is 1.46 percent while the recovery rate is 93.66 percent. The active case is less than 5 percent.