Dr. Pravin Togadia, former international president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad once again attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Togadia said about PM Modi that he is not worthy of Prime Minister of India because he is acting as an advocate of Muslim women. Togadia said that Modi had come to power in the name of Hindus in the name of Hindutva, but instead of making India a Hindu country and protecting Hindus in Kashmir, he became a lawyer of Muslims. Togadia said that triple divorce is a private matter of Muslims.

In such a way, Modi should not care for it as the leader of a Hindu government. Togadia said that the leader who left the Congress and came to BJP, has made a separate BJP Congress. That is why the party formed to talk about Hindu rights and welfare is now discussing the rights of Muslims. Togadia reached Mathura for a religious summit. Where did he say that Hindus should call the Prime Minister of Pakistan to build Ram Temple? Togadia said that he had served the BJP and VHP for decades, that the Ram temple was built for decades. But the temple was not built.

Pravin Togadia, while targeting the Modi government, said that the goalkeepers have become hideous in the government and the butchers have become brothers. He said that in most states of the country there is a government of the BJP and then the BJP is unable to construct a Ram temple in Ayodhya. It is understandable that what is going on in the minds of these leaders They want to get the chair of the prime minister using the name of Lord Ram and have done so. They forgot the purpose for which they were sent to government. Togadia said that those who talk about Hindu rights in 2014 will have to face the consequences of their inactivity in 2019.